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A clean paint booth should be a priority and can be maintained with both daily and scheduled technical cleaning services. Learn some simple cleaning tips you can employ now to complement your next scheduled deep clean.

A clean paint booth should be a major component of your paint system management and will help ensure smooth and long-term operation. Just as with any piece of machinery, proper maintenance and technical cleaning will boost cycle time and reduce costly bottlenecks. Even the most expensive and modern equipment eventually builds up dirt and requires technical cleaning and consistent maintenance.

You have most likely put in a lot of effort selecting, paying for, and installing your paint booth – let’s make sure it stays functional and safe for many years to come.

When a machine starts acting up, the first thought is that something broke down mechanically. In reality, however, it could just be that a deep, technical cleaning is needed. As such, making cleaning a priority in the maintenance of your paint booth is critical. Luckily, there are many straightforward cleaning tips that any employee can follow.

As a leader in the industrial cleaning industry, TEAM Group has gained its share of tips and tricks for how to keep your paint booth clean. Though basic, these tips are important and will go a long way in improving the longevity of your paint booth system. If your technicians are aware of these tips, the functionality of your paint booth will greatly increase.

If you are still unsure of next steps or don’t have the resources to maintain your paint booth, TEAM Group can help. Our team of professionals is available to develop and implement a tailored on-site facility program for your business and industry. At a glance, TEAM Group’s total paint booth maintenance includes defect analysis, booth balance, total filtration, shutdown services, oxidizer cleaning, coatings removal and management of sludge systems, chemicals, humidity, and robot covers. If you have invested in a paint booth and want to keep it functioning optimally for as long as possible, consider the total paint booth maintenance offered by TEAM Group.

Easy Paint Booth Cleaning Tips

Outlined here are basic, straightforward tips on how to keep your paint booth clean. These cannot replace the deep technical cleaning services done by professionals. Always remember to follow the specific manufacturer recommendations for the type of paint booth you have. TEAM Group has many years of experience and can provide an array of services related to paint booth cleaning, performance, and support. Now let us get to those tips!

Tip #1: Avoid Dust Build-Up
Dust is everywhere, and even though these machines have powerful filters and exhaust pipe systems in place to cycle out dust, those pesky particles can still find their way inside the paint booth. Always keep doors closed when not in use. If doors need to be opened, ensure that the paint booth is turned on so the filters and exhaust can work their magic. Encourage employees to prepare ahead of time, so that they are not dashing in and out of the booth, an action which undoubtedly allows dust inside. Keeping your employees comfortable and protected will also benefit this. Have workers wear a painters suit for protection from particles and fumes for the duration of their time working in the booth.

Tip #2: Use High Quality FiltersFollow the manufacturer’s recommendation for the types of filters that are appropriate for your machine. Opting for higher quality filters will result in a flawless finish (due to better paint circulation) that will last longer. Going with lower-quality filters means you will be replacing them more often, and there will be a higher chance of imperfections or over-spray. This happens because the paint is getting blocked in the filter and throwing off air-flow balance needed to maintain smooth paint application. Regardless of the filters you use, remember that a deep technical cleaning will still be required to get into other areas where build-up is bound to occur.

Tip #3: Remove Overspray Build-Up Inside the Paint Booth
Overspray occurs when the paint intended for a target instead ends up airborne and lands elsewhere. These particles of paint can land on a worker’s painter suit, or the walls and floors of the paint booth. Overspray should be avoided as this is a waste of product, and results in more dust and particles that can lead to paint imperfections. The particles that land on other surfaces can overtime become airborne once more, so it is important to clean the walls, floors and replace painter’s suits.

Ensure proper ventilation when cleaning inside the booth, as dust and debris are combustible. Using solvent-based materials and a wet sponge mop is fine for daily cleaning. Using other machinery for cleaning inside a paint booth may be dangerous and is better left for professional technical cleaning services, such as those offered by TEAM Group. Doing smaller, everyday cleaning will help you discover build-up and areas of concern faster and will complement a deep technical cleaning service.

Tip #4: Remove Overspray Build-Up from Equipment

Overspray can begin to build up on equipment as well, which can lead to it malfunctioning when not regularly cleaned. Being aware of areas where overspray can accumulate is the first step. Checking the exhaust, fans, ducts, and filters are important and can result in spotting and dealing with an issue more quickly. TEAM Group offers a total paint booth maintenance service that zeros in on paint line and coating systems performance and production support. The cleaning service will be tailored to your needs and will be monitored to maintain system performance and modified with the goal of providing a defect-free paint finish.

#5 Hire a Paint Defect Analysis Team or Receive their Training

A fully serviced machine means little without trained and knowledgeable personnel. Bringing in a paint defect team to carry out training for your staff or hiring a team of experts to do full-time monitoring at your business is advantageous. The paint defect team members can integrate into your plant and work on-site with engineers to narrow down sources of defects. This is part of the ‘clean car program’, where our defect team can work with your engineers to complete daily audits and create synthesized reports that can help identify where a defect is located and how best to resolve it. The team will also create weekly kaizan projects, to slowly work to improve the manufacturing process overall.

Daily monitoring will improve the accuracy of data through daily audits and reports that pin-point areas that need improvement and can provide defect snapshots for any number of machines. Plant and paint team employees will consult this data and continue to troubleshoot and share insights on how to get the booth as close as possible to zero percent paint defect.

TEAM Group’s Paint Defect Analysis Software

TEAM Group’s paint defect team will use a highly integrated paint defect analysis software to determine the type of contaminants, their source, and suggests ways to adjust certain procedures throughout your whole shop. If your staff receive training from TEAM Group, the use of this software to monitor, gather data, generate reports, and countless other aspects will be covered. This tool can help identify any of the issues outlined in this article, and more. It could point to an air filter or buildup of overspray or moisture in equipment. It covers all your bases and gathers data to help point to cleaning and management needs of your paint booth systems. It creates daily audits and reports that are sent out digitally. These can be zone or layered audits. The data being gathered by the paint defect analysis software is precise and accurately narrows down where defects arise.

When it comes to daily and/or scheduled technical cleaning, this software will help ensure you are using the highest quality paint possible by narrowing down the source and cause of paint defects. In the long run, the improved quality of paint will not only increase the caliber of your product (which will make the warranty will go a lot further) but will also result in less production stoppages and make your line more efficient.

Opting for a technical cleaning service such as the total paint booth maintenance service offered by TEAM Group will greatly help improve product quality while reducing costs. TEAM Group is reputable and experienced in offering customized paint booth cleaning and maintenance services. Let us share our knowledge and resources with you, while helping you prosper in your industry. Consider TEAM Group’s paint defect team as your partner for your comprehensive cleaning and total booth management system needs.


Opting for a technical cleaning service such as the total paint booth maintenance service offered by TEAM Group will greatly help improve product quality while reducing costs. TEAM Group is reputable and experienced in offering customized paint booth cleaning and maintenance services. Let us share our knowledge and resources with you, while helping you prosper in your industry. Consider TEAM Group as your partner for your comprehensive cleaning and total booth management system needs.

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