Decontamination vs disinfection

Knowing the difference between disinfection and decontamination is important to create a cleaning service that is right for your facility.TEAM Group has worked with clients all over the world to establish the protocols that work best for you. 

If you have any specific questions about COVID-19 cleaning please reach out to our TEAM. We disinfect and dispose of COVID-19 contamination in accordance with CDC, EPA, OSHA and DOT regulations.

Comparing Disinfection vs Decontamination


  • Excellent for virus and bacteria prevention
  • Should not be used for COVID-19 contamination
  • Only reduces contamination, does not remove it


  • Used when COVID-19 is present or a possible exposure
  • Performed with hazmat and respiration protection by trained professionals
  • Focuses on killing the virus everywhere
  • Complete removal of contamination, waste is also secured and transported to licensed disposal

How Do You Determine What Level Of Cleaning You Need

When dealing with COVID-19 decontamination is required. TEAM Group works at facilities of all sizes, and builds custom industrial cleaning solutions based on your exposure levels, number of high traffic areas, and high touch points. 

A janitorial service is simply too basic and too risky to trust when it comes to virus decontamination. It is of utmost importance that your facility, employees, and the cleaning staff are protected and properly trained to minimize the risk of exposure.

What To Look For With A Decontamination company

When done properly decontamination can provide enormous benefits. A professional industrial cleaning company will approach decontamination with an accurate assessment of the hazards in your facility and identify the correct process and technical methods for your needs.

TEAM Group has decades of experience in the industrial cleaning industry. Known for our custom solutions our experts have the ability to clean with industry leading accuracy. We understand what is possible and necessary in order to achieve the most effective results. Our goal is to bring your facility back to normal as soon as possible.

At TEAM Group we are constantly setting standards in the industrial cleaning space. We are one of the only companies using ATP post cleaning verification, providing your proof of the level of cleanliness.

Our cleaning excerpts have a vast technical knowledge and resources to help you know what you need. Contact us today to get in touch with us.


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