The Digital Tracking Platform Every Industrial Business Needs
TEAM Group and Robinson Solutions’ software platform enables effective decision-making based upon dynamic scoping, scheduling, budgeting and real-time change management. We’re leading the way from a paper to digital industry. TEAM Group has acquired Robinson Solutions to provide innovative adaptable solutions to tracking, auditing and managing worker tasks and equipment. Through Robinson’s suite of applications and interactive customer dashboards, we are able to provide our clients with a site-to-site resource that is a part of a complete facility service plan with in-house industrial support staff. Our ability to cater to site-specific customer requests with our adaptable facility management software can lead your business into a new age of efficiency.

Robinson Solutions’ Digital Tracking Platform

Over the years, Robinson Solutions has internally developed several web and mobile applications and dashboards to assist in site operations. From these digital solutions, they have driven continuous improvement, change in process and information flow for their clients. This move away from a paper-based system has proven to hold countless benefits in any industry.

Disadvantages of Paper

Missing data Disorganized filing cabinets Lost or missing documents Illegible handwriting Manual input

Advantages of Robinson’s Web Application

Easily build customizable forms No more paper or binders Stay organized with worker tasks and locations Manage and track all workers Auto share or distribute safety documents

Top 6 Features of Robinson’s Digital App:

Some common paint defects to be aware of are:
  1. Build custom forms like Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Incidents, JSA, Hazard Assessments and more.
  2. Assign corrective actions
  3. Add photos and/or comments
  4. Monitor worker compliance in real-time
  5. Build analytics and reports on any data point
  6. Capture digital signatures with date/time/GPS stamp
  These are just a few of the amazing and innovative features our web and mobile applications offer. From building customized forms to monitoring compliance, all safety needs become easily accessible and worker scheduling becomes effortless. Workers can have instant access to existing safety documents, newly uploaded documents can automatically be sent to every worker’s device, and all PDF files can be downloaded. No more paper. No more binders. Incident Reporting In the case of an incident, supervisors enter relevant information into the customized Incident Reporting platform from any connected device. How it works:
  • Once a report is completed, a notification is automatically sent to a predetermined distribution list (site specific, corporate leadership, site managers and/or safety coordinators).
  • An automated incident report that highlights root cause and planned countermeasures is completed and sent to the same distribution list within 24 hours of the incident.
  • All Incidents are fed into a visual dashboard to help identify trends/areas of opportunity. Past incidents can be searched by any field, such as Employee Name, Body Part, Location, etc.
Scheduling and Managing Tasks The initial trigger for developing this specific system was to address the issue of team members receiving the wrong shift information each week. This common issue has resulted in jobs running behind as employees were given the wrong hours or day to come in for their shifts. How it works:
  • The scheduling application allows for ongoing scheduling of any number of tasks.
  • The app is built in yearly, monthly and weekend schedule generation and reporting (excel exports).
  • Tasks can be cancelled, completed or rescheduled.
  • The app provides support for any number of sites/locations with user access limited by site assignment in order to standardize and maximize employee scheduling across the board.
  • Full job history of every employee is available for review (Previous work hours, shift frequencies etc.),
Tracking Differential Pressure and Filter Changes This is a simple app designed to track and manage differential pressure readings, filter changes and scheduled maintenance. How it works:
  • Each “Area Type” is set up with its own list of “Items to Audit.” When the barcode is scanned, the auditor can rate each item.
  • If an item fails, a photo can be taken and emailed with a comment.
  • Audit scores are tracked and calculated for use in a dashboard.
Tracking Dolly Inspection and MTC This app allows employers or employees to develop and manage a maintenance schedule that can be easily tracked and used to identify dollys – as well as other site-specific equipment – throughout the facility. How it works:
  • Each dolly has a barcode that can be scanned to inspect, manage or review the dolly.
  • Develop a maintenance schedule or eliminate damaged dollys from the system.
  • Data is tracked in a dashboard which is sent out weekly.
Tracking Restroom Audits Based on bathroom grade, this app outlines specific protocols to be followed in each bathroom. This app customizes how every bathroom is cleaned, allows for cleanliness audits and provides a cleaning schedule that can be accessed by the cleaning crew. How it works:
  • Each restroom has a QR code that can be scanned to rate various items and flag repairs or cleaning that needs to be completed.
  • Any required repairs are noted, and an email is sent, if required.
  • Dashboard to view overall performance
Battery Watering and Maintenance Batteries require constant audits and maintenance. This app can be used to verify the state of equipment. If batteries aren’t filled with water, they fry and break. How it works:
  • Each Forklift and Tugger has a barcode. When scanned, questions are filled out as battery is watered.
  • If any issues occur, the Liftow team receives an email.
  • Dashboard to report on issues and metrics and track missed units.
Jig Cleaning This app is designed specifically for automotive hood and deck prop tools, where workers paint spray certain parts of cars in a production booth that are missed by the robots. How it works:
  • Collection of mobile applications for tracking the jig stripping and jig shot blast jobs.
  • Cleaning, inspection, shipping, and tank status are all tracked and reported on.
  • Live screens available for supervisors to monitor activity and dip times.
  • Customer is notified by text and/or email in addition to accessing all supplier work through a dashboard system where they can log in.
Customer Satisfaction Net promoter score (NPS) is a widely utilized market research metric that takes the form of one or two survey questions asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or service. NPS is used here to receive customer feedback about TEAM Group’s services or applications. Scores are analyzed using the dashboard and grouped by Customer Type. How it works:
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, how likely are you to recommend us?
  • How can we improve that rating?

Benefits of Robinson’s Web & Mobile Applications

TM’s receive correct shift information, so work is never missed or delayed. Digital records are available to prove messages were sent and received. The time required to contact all required employees is cut down to seconds. Changes can be made to the schedule very quickly and notices can be re-sent to specific people if required. Team Managers are not over scheduled. Correct amount of manpower per task(s) is scheduled. Duplication of work and human error are eliminated since all tasks are tracked and audited.

TEAM Group and Robinson Solutions can help you track, audit and manage your daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks. In addition to keeping track of tasks, you can now track and manage equipment and employee scheduling – all from one interactive platform.

With our unique and fully customizable features, any business can create its own dashboards and applications – and we’re here to help with every step of the process!

To learn more about how this web application can benefit your business, contact TEAM Group today!