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Automated Industrial Robot Cleaning Services

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All industries, OEMs and automotive manufacturers produce a lot of residue and sediment throughout the facilities. TEAM Group provides automated industrial robot vaccuum services for all sorts of industries across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our automated industrial vacuum cleaners keep your facility free of dust, grease, sludge, and dirt. Our industrial cleaning managers conduct regular machine maintenance and keeps all areas operating at the highest productivity rate.

Contact our industrial robot vacuum cleaning experts to learn how this automated technology can be applied at your facility.


Lower your costs, increase your facilities cleanliness, and have less safety risks all with our automated robot vacuum cleaning services. Many of our clients are Tier 1, OEMs, and automotive manufacturers. However there are many industries and applications that automated robot vacuums can be applied to. Depending on what needs to be cleaned, and the extent of contamination build up, robot cleaners should be highly considered. These are just some of the benefits that our clients get from utilizing autonomous robot cleaning:

  • Reduction in safety hazards to humans
  • Cost savings
  • More frequent cleaning, for the same or less costs
  • Time efficient – less use of humans means better time utilization
  • Enhanced oversight and reporting into your cleaning operations
  • Reporting to help you make better business decisions

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TEAM Group has been providing facility management services for decades. This experience has allowed us to see how businesses are making improvements to cut costs, and provide better products at the same time. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen facilities make is the utilization of more autonomous robot cleaning solutions. 

Autonomous cleaning is more efficient and safe than man power. Autonomous systems allow robots to make the decisions on what, where, and how to clean. Think of it like a self driving robot that is dedicated to your cleaning needs. For most of our autonomous cleaning robots we do have site managers to perform regular maintenance on the robots, inspect the reports and make adjustments on the fly with the facility operations.

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Automated cleaning and technical cleaning utilizes specialized machines such as a rotary shotgun arm or a 3d nozzle. This allows a human to control the project, and water blasting controls but the automated nozzle is rotating to provide the best possible cleaning on the surface.

This type of technical cleaning also has many safety benefits. Allowing people to be far away from the high pressure nozzles. Here are some of the advanced automation cleaning tools that TEAM Group utilizes:

  • Micro arm shotgun tool
  • Large arm shotgun tool
  • Automated shotgun with a track system – manually controlled robot
  • Single and dual flex lance tool – ideal for heat exchanger tube cleaning
  • Triple flex lance tool – one of the most advanced and efficient methods to clean multiple exchangers
  • Floor drain cleaning – hose fed device with an air operated dump system
  • Boiler tube cleaner
  • Rotating hose device (RHD) – with feed and rotation rate controls
  • Shell side single head & quad bundle cleaner – mobile units used for exterior cleaning of exchangers
  • 3D and 2D nozzles – provide high pressure rotating nozzles for automated cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaner – for specialized equipment placed in a liquid using ultrasonic waves
  • Tank cleaning robot – remote controlled sludge cleaning canon
  • Man-way cannon – hydraulically operated tank cleaning nozzle and camera