Fire & security system management is the first step towards ensuring the smooth operation and safety for any industrial site. From automotive plants to agricultural facilities to commercial buildings, each site relies on a robust management system to ensure safety and maintain business continuity.

TEAM Group’s commitment to providing top-tier fire and security system management is built on the success of safety fundamentals. Sensors, video surveillance, initiating devices, cybersecurity, annunciators, and control panels are carefully installed and melded into seamless, easy-to-use, and sophisticated operating systems.

With the latest technology and worldwide expertise, Team Group is an industry leader in the indispensable field of fire detection and security.


Whether you operate in a commercial building or an industrial plant, fire safety should be a primary mandate. Team Group emphasizes reliability and simplicity with integrated fire safety systems. Starting with user-friendly control panels, we provide a centralized network for comprehensive fire detection communication. Scalable, robust, and sophisticated control panels offer a variety of applications to meet your budget and fire risk priorities.

From monitoring, repairing, and testing your fire protection system, Team Group takes a holistic approach to ensure all fire risks are accounted for. After installation and testing our local offices continue to provide support for consistent maintenance and upkeep of fire safety standards. In addition, our internet connected fire safety system allows for remote access which helps to reduce service time and increases monitoring capacity.

Fire safety requirements will grow as your operation increases in scale, however big your operation becomes, Team Group accounts for any fire risks along the way.


TEAM Group provides comprehensive security solutions for industrial and commercial facilities across the world. Regardless of size or industry, it is imperative to protect assets and decrease liability in the event of an incident. Team Group’s routine security services cover all potential security requirements for medium to large-sized commercial buildings. Our wide-ranging security system services are ready to meet any security and liabilities needs.

A strong security parameter generally starts with a secure access control point. We integrate biometric and electronic access controls to our security software to ensure security solutions are well-rounded and absent of weak points. High-tech access control systems aim to prevent security breaches by providing specific real-time security needs.

Team Group’s extensive security measures work together to maximize safety, increase efficiency, and keep business continuity without disturbance.

Our security services include:

  • Monitoring and Control of admissions
  • Visitor Processing
  • Alarm Response
  • Monitoring of parking and storage units
  • Directing of local Emergency Services
  • Cataloguing of conditions, risks, and incidents


1) Create a safe working environment for your employees

If you have a security and fire system management in place you can guarantee the safety for all who work in your building. Ensuring the health and safety of your employees reduces costs—including reductions in workers’ compensation premiums, increases productivity, and enhances overall business operations. As OSHA puts it, “a safe workplace is a sound business.”

2) What you spend, you save in insurance costs

Insurance assessments are determined by potential risk to your business’ income and assets. Anything that mitigates said risk reduces the cost of coverage. Fire and security system management is chump change compared to the cost of recovering from a fire or security hazard, and the added cost from increased insurance premiums. Not only do you significantly lower the risk of unforeseen detriments to business continuity and protected assets but you also lower insurance coverage costs.

3) Reduce liability, operate with peace of mind

With the right fire and security system management you can avoid potential liability. To open a business you need to ensure your building and business conduct is up to code. The hard part comes after, with the continued vigilance of building and industry regulations. By investing in fire and security systems you ensure the ongoing safety of yourself, your building, and your employees.