Facilities Management With TEAM Group

Facilities management services that go beyond the normal operations. We don’t just keep your facility running smoothly, our innovative company optimizes how we work to drive your business forward.

TEAM Group helps all industries from OEM services to automotive and commercial buildings. We customize your management plan from helping with day-to-day facility operations, emergency preparedness, or technical engineers our facility management team have you covered.

If you require ISS facility services or IFM (Integrated Facility Management) however your business works our network of professionals are ready for the challenge.

Why Our Facility Management Company

From OEMs to Tier 1 facilities, all of our partners enjoy the long-term benefits of inventory management, waste management, labor support and site cleaning. From stamping and body, to paint booth maintenance, and final assembly, we provide total facility maintenance and cleaning.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s day time, night time, or a special holiday, you can count on our specialists for full production assistance. Some services include people facilities such as lavatories, locker, and meeting rooms, to overall ground facility, commercial snow clearing and building infrastructure maintenance.

At TEAM Group safety is our top priority, so you can rest assured that your employees are working with the very best.

Janitorial & Grounds Maintenance


From landscaping and parking lots to security cameras and toilet repairs. We’ll ensure your facility is running smoothly.



Every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has different needs. That’s why our TEAM works directly with you, to understand your manufacturing facility to provide the right services.

HVAC maintenance


Replacing filters and coolant systems is just the start. TEAM Group provides system optimization to keep your heating and cooling costs low.



We help commercial and industrial buildings function flawlessly. From elevator maintenance to custom engineered solutions. Learn how TEAM Group can help.

commercial snow removal


As a Canadian company we know the dangers that winter can impose. Our TEAM keeps your property clear of snow and ice to minimize the risks.

industrial & commercial roofing


From the HVAC systems on your roof, to repairing roofs, and managing sprinkler systems. We provide top notch service for your roofing needs.

Commercial Landscaping


After decades of facility management experience TEAM Group has listened to our customers and provide a variety of flexible elevator maintenance.

Elevator Maintenance


TEAM Group has been providing full service facility management for decades. Our industrial cleaning experts provide integrated services from janitorial cleaning to industrial and commercial landscaping services.

Facility Services

More Facility Services

  • CMMS maintenance
  • International service systems (ISS Facility services)
  • Integrated facility management services (IFM services)
  • Facilities software management
  • Inventory management
  • Waste management
  • Labor support
  • Total facility maintenance
  • Paint booth cleaning
  • Robot cover management

Industries We Serve:

  • OEM and tier 1 facilities
  • Hospitals & medical
  • Automotive & parts manufacturing
  • Farm and industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Meat and food processing
  • Aerospace & defence
  • Waste & sanitary systems
  • Plus many more

ISS Facility Services

ISS facility services is an International Service System which includes cleaning, support services, property, security, grounds maintenance, and facility management services.

If your company has an international presence and is looking for ISS facility services at all your locations then look no further. TEAM Group operates across boarders for our clients. Working with you to ensure that your specific needs are met.

If your facility operates 24/7 or if you need work done off peak hours, we will adapt to your working environment to keep your facility on track and improving.

Paint Booth Cleaning & Total Facility Maintenance

Total Booth Management

TEAM Group has proven experience with automotive manufacturers for paint shop operations, providing turnkey paint systems management (total booth management) of daily process tools, components, and structures. We manage ourselves, methodically categorizing storage areas for chemicals, cleaning equipment, and supplies. We work on sealer cells, robotic spray booths, conveyors and grates, flash zones and tunnels.

Our cleaning specialists are knowledgeable in the prevention of dirt and paint bypass, as well as critical inspection and repair of all downstream conditions and leak issues. Team Group provides integrated, full service changeout. TEAM Group is fully equipped to support all high classification facility requirements, with extensive knowledge in varieties of filters. We test and analyze the appropriate extension life of filters, including the reuse and recycling of filters to support environmental landfill initiatives.

Booth Balance

The total booth management program yield results, ensuring operation of paint lines and booths runs optimally by continually monitoring all components affecting spray booth air and water flow balance. From cross draft to downdraft booths, we’re experts in performance optimization, mapping sludge buildup and making recommendations for corrective actions. TEAM Group enforces best practices for optional cleaning results. Whether it’s collecting data, or aiding to deconstruct particle counts, we are experts in establishing booth cleaning metrics, providing observance to product, equipment, and chemical usage. Ensuring the pressure, humidity and temperature are optimal.

Robot Cover Management

We perform scheduled and monitored cleaning of paint shop components, installation and change of robot covers with reliable production support. This may be cleaning bell cups or shrouds to purge pots or robot cover and accessories changeout. TEAM Group optimizes on and off shift performance quality of paint booths with a total booth management solution for transfer efficiency. This reduces paint consumption, and lowers energy costs. Some services include:

  • Conformance testing
  • Camera inspection of parts
  • Layered process audits
  • Special trials and studies

Humidification Management

Our total booth management program offers paint system humidification, from general media filter to air washer type humidification. TEAM Group maintains effective system monitoring and controls from classification of chemical agents, and corrosion rates, to acceptable odor and anaerobic bacteria microbiological control.

Quality Control

We also work to reduce or eliminate environmental contaminants, foreign object damage (FOD) and more. Plus we also run airflow analysis and correction to product the absolute best paint finish.

Facility Waste Management

Our total booth management encompasses several important aspects and requirements that are essential to an optimized paint sludge treatment and removal process. Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in the recirculation of water returning to paint spray booths is a critical parameter for stability. We review indicators such as sludge volume and solids.

TEAM Group facilitates vacuum tanker and all necessary equipment, and labour costs to clean the pits, removal of sludge in the containers, dewatering, pumping off any free floating liquids, and a complete a thorough pit cleaning are important parts of the process as well. Our facility waste management services include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Waste disposal
  • Sludge collection & filtration

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