What are the germiest areas in your facility? There are many ‘no-brainer’ germ hotspots such as high-traffic touchpoints that can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Are there other, unsuspecting areas in your production facility where cold, flu and other germs are bound to prosper? Read on to find out where these areas are located. Some may surprise you. Partner with TEAM Group and see how our expert award-winning and science-based targeted tiers, from Basic to Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection services will provide the highest grade of infection prevention and control in your facility to promote healthy and safe buildings.

Understanding how and where common germs are most likely to occur in your home, office or place of business – and how to get rid of them – was something everyone had to consider in these last couple of years, whether they liked it or not. There’s no doubt that preventing covid-19 with protocols to remain in managing infection levels exposure and spread, was and continues to be an on-going worldwide issue.

Not only has the pandemic changed the way we look at each other, our workplaces, travelling to and from work etc., but it’s also affected people’s demands. The standards for what qualifies as adequate daily germ prevention is high as we return to the ‘new normal’. This also applies in terms of integrated facility services. Not only is there a definite surge in demand for hospital-grade germ prevention technologies and standards, but the expectation for trusted janitorial expertise is higher too. 

We know that the industrial cleaning industry has to step up to the plate and continue to offer more vigorous facility audits with reporting software, ventilation, and sanitization and disinfection services compared to post pandemic. Today, health, safety and technological flexibility are still at the forefront of newly developing procedures that aim to help keep our facilities save and germ-free. Let us show you the TEAM difference and how we’ll work to provide the best people and technology germ prevention services for your facility. 


Germ prevention is important for the long-term health of your employees, your businesses reputation and your continuous success. It’s important that you do it, but it’s even more important that you do it right. The fact is that we all have contaminated surfaces no matter where the workplace is situated. Businesses cannot ignore this fact, since adequate germ prevention sets up a safe work environment where employees and customers feel protected in. Not sure where to start? TEAM Group will do germ prevention right in your facility.

If you can’t be bothered to deal with all-day germ prevention concerns, leave the cleaning with the pros at TEAM. We get it – you don’t have time to deal with the frontline augmentation methods and research, such as industrial-grade disinfectants. Our technicians are trained in these areas of expertise and can take all the guess work out of your hands. They already know where to focus for paramount cleaning and how to apply best practices with chemicals and regular testing for the best disinfection results for your manufacturing facility. We’ve got you covered.  

When TEAM steps into your production, we take into account your manufacturing product concerns, what the surrounding surfaces are made of, the type of environment they’re in, what sort of interactions they undergo and most importantly, what germ prevention products are most optimal for each client to maintain a world class product.

For example, certain on-site client testing unveiled that using disinfecting wet wipes prior to a chemical product wasn’t as effective and at times resulted in leaving residue. This depended on the environment and location of the testing (i.e. a different department or facility area). In any event, we will always reclean and retest until we provide an optimal solution (such as a combination of tests of cleaning methods) that can be confidently approved by the facility and get you the results you need.

Our custodial technicians work with you to perfect your facility, from addressing more targeted areas that generally test higher for contamination (high-touch surfaces and objects), to a random testing basis with laboratory analysis, where necessary.


You would think that high-touch objects or areas such as smartphones, doorknobs and restroom have are the most germ-ridden spots in a workspace – but you’re wrong! Sampling uses ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing to swab and determine areas where viruses and bacteria could thrive. Now, let’s get down and dirty for what we’ve been waiting for: where are the dirtiest spots hiding in your facility or business?

Control Rooms: Any workstations and their associated entrances and exits – anything involving a door handle – are going to be dirty spots.

Facility Common Areas: Lobbies, restrooms, breakrooms and elevators are dirtiest where there is a button to push or something to flush: toilets, microwaves, vending machines, water fountains, and especially the break room sink faucet! You’d think that after washing up you would be in the clear of sanitizing, but if you touch the sink faucet you may just leave with dirtier hands.

Heavy Duty & Mobile Equipment: Anything with steering wheels or handles such as carts, boom lifts, dollies, mobile and autonomous floor cleaners need attention. We take our safety as seriously as we do yours. We disinfect our fleet after every service, and follow a set of our own rigorous best safety practices.

Fleet Vehicles Cup Holders: Who would think a harmless coffee could be so dirty! These hard to reach places seem innocent enough – but think twice. This is one of the biggest hot spots for germs in your facility as they are often tougher to adequately clean or can go neglected.

Keyboards: The usual suspect here. Keep an eye out on office and cleanroom keyboards since germs do not discriminate.


At TEAM Group, we do germ prevention as part of your facility’s total maintenance package. We are here to take on your dirty jobs, and commit to working with you end-to-end to improve facility longevity and kick start your peak performance throughout the entire life cycle of the site. Regular germ prevention and disinfection is a great routine service to add on to your facility for peace of mind.

TEAM maximizes your factory performance and lifecycle with unique programs such as Paint System Total Booth Management. In terms of paint booth maintenance, it’s more than just cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such as handles and buttons. Health authorities such as the CDC have been promoting protective practices related to building ventilation that can reduce risk of exposure to viruses and reduce the spread of disease. Improving building ventilation can greatly help lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and countless other germs. At TEAM, we see the whole picture and try to provide our clients with real time, intelligent information that will improve performance in all aspects.


Talk about a TEAM difference. We let you get your beauty sleep! How? We commit to cleaning even while you are asleep with the use of UV disinfection. These machines quickly disable and eliminate 99.9% of pathogens. Even when technicians aren’t physically there, the rates of virus emergence can be reduced 24/7 with the use of these robot. We trust the OHMNILABS – OhmniClean™UV-C Disinfection Robot, which sanitizes areas that may not be safe to access. The use of such technology not only saves time but is efficient at what it does. It makes it possible for technicians or healthcare workers to get back to their most important tasks safely and confidently.


TEAM Group follows stringent germ prevention guidelines such as disinfecting our crew and fleet after each service. You never have to worry about a dirty cup holder here!

We aren’t afraid to be a pioneer when it comes to safety. We strive to always learn and advance cleaning best practices. As mentioned, a discovery that using wet wipes prior to disinfection may still leave potential harmful residue prompted us to remove this process from most departments at client sites. This was especially apparent in paint booths where the use of wet wipes were possibly leaving craters and other paint defects in the important production and paint process. We noticed that those who kept using wet wipes had tests come back with higher contaminant levels.

All of our products and standards are held at the highest standards across multiple industries such as Bloodborne, MRSA, and other pathogens. TEAM performs general areas testing and random testing to reveal more areas where contaminants may turn up which are not typically screened for. We also switch up the time interval (i.e. from 2 times a weeks to 3 times a week) if needed in order to enhance or address targeted areas that are experiencing a higher touch volume.

We carry out clean, test and pass for ATP testing. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, it is an energy particle found in all living cells that allows metabolism to occur on a cellular level. Bacteria, blood, saliva, viruses and all organic matter contains ATP. This cleaning technology is used to detect living organisms which includes but is not limited to the coronavirus.


We all know that germ prevention is a top priority in terms of long-term facility success. Today’s facility service companies must strive to create healthier indoor environments given the tools they have at hand and the knowledge about germ and virus survival. Putting germs and viruses aside, the cleaning agents that employees may be regularly exposed also have to be up to health standards.

It all goes hand-in-hand and employee health and safety is always of paramount importance. TEAM Group will work alongside you to create a powerful germ prevention service that will benefit your business while ensuring a continuous and safe environment for your employees. We can offer your business a healthier and safer facility for all. Get in touch with us today.