How to Hire the Best Facility Maintenance Company
The facility maintenance company you are seeking is out there. The path to finding the right company is knowing what you need and asking as many questions as possible.

Many find it challenging to differentiate between a well-rounded company and one that hides under the umbrella of ‘maintenance company.’ Keep reading so you can find out more about how to hire the best facility maintenance company for your goals and needs.

Defining your company goals and making sure the company you hire is equipped to meet those goals will help you make an educated decision. So, what should you ask to get this information? Whether you are large or small-scale, there are certain things to keep in mind that will help you find the company that best fits your needs. Though basic, these pointers are a great place to get started.


What are the benefits of working with a facility maintenance company?

A facility maintenance company needs to be able integrate seamlessly into your workspace (whether it’s an office, assembly line, paint booth or warehouse) to deliver the top-quality services that you expect and rely on. Depending on your industry, a reputable cleaning company will not only improve the safety, cleanliness and operations of your site for your workers (thus boosting employee satisfaction) but can also elevate your products’ performance. Since you’re probably in it for the long-haul, it’s important to take the time to find an honest and supportive company that has a good reputation and is well known in its industry.

Ask A Lot of Questions Up Front

To avoid disappointment down the line, ask in detail what is included in the cleaning and support services a company offers. This is especially tricky since the term ‘facility maintenance’ is vague and can cover a multitude of services. It’s worthwhile to do this research to fully understand what you’ve signed up for. Don’t shy away from basic questions such as the following:

Are you a longstanding services company? Have you won any awards?

With time comes experience. The more years a company has been active, the more expertise it likely has across a range of industries, environments, and workspaces. If they have won awards, this shows the company is continuously improving and growing – and it’s being recognized.

Since it’s founding in 1982, TEAM Group has diversified and grown to be a global leader in industrial cleaning and support services within large-scale production environments. We are a global company and can’t wait to keep growing and gaining more experience to better serve you! Team Group has received awards and recognition from many of our global clients.

Do you have a specialty or do you ‘do it all’?

When a company claims to ‘do it all,’ really consider what this means. A company that is involved in various fields and industries makes the training of its own staff a high priority. Be aware that not all companies are equipped to do specialized jobs and may out-source a service, which will increase the cost. At minimum, the company should be transparent and explain why and what they out-source. Reputable, larger companies are less likely to sub-contract work and can afford to put more focus on training their own employees.

Ask whether the company is willing to provide proof (references, awards, training certifications etc.) related to the expertise they advertise. If they decline to show evidence, save yourself the headache and move on.  Asking this will reveal the level of experience and training of the company’s staff, as well as the commitment to honest customer service.

A company involved in several industries is likely well-equipped in terms of qualified staff who have varied experience. TEAM Group is a leader in providing integrated results-driven and safe solutions to facility services. You never have to worry about inexperienced staff doing a poor job and wasting your time. Our staff is highly qualified and trained in areas such as technical cleaning and management, engineering, fabrication, field services, waste disposal and industrial decontamination. We are continuously working to improve our processes, and love to learn from our clients and receive feedback. TEAM Group will assign only the most highly trained, prepared, and dedicated team to your facility.

TEAM Group works with global clients in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment industry. We specialize is in automotive technical cleaning and commercial cleaning services. We are a longstanding services company that can’t wait to work with you.

How do you stand out in your industry?

The facility maintenance company you work with should be dedicated to their work. Asking this question will help reveal new and interesting projects that the company is spearheading. It can also show you what they are passionate about and reveal their level of commitment to customer service.

TEAM Group provides individualized process and product advice for every client. We are a highly transparent company that is dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers. We want to be by your side as we help you stay on track while also improving your performance.

Why is TEAM Group the right choice?

TEAM Group has a long history of working in the automotive industry, including paint booth optimization and cleaning. TEAM Group has a dedicated paint defect team, and its own paint defect analysis software that is designed to pin-point cleaning and management needs of paint booth systems. This is just one example of how we are trying to improve technology and become innovators in our industry. We want to go beyond just cleaning services by developing our own tools and software. Our paint defect analysis software, for example, has multiple dashboards and functions, available through an online application. TEAM Group is evolving and learning alongside its clients every day, and we strive to learn and grow with you.

A facility maintenance company can meet your needs if both parties are transparent about their expectations and capabilities. Instead of hoping that the company will deliver on their promises, ask questions so that you can make the most educated choice and find the best fit for you. If you are seeking tailored end-to-end industrial cleaning services, look no further than TEAM Group. You will not be disappointed with our comprehensive facility support services.

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