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TEAM continues to focus key personnel and resources throughout Canada and the United States.

During this challenging time, and with safety in mind while aiming for a responsible reopening of the economy our current Coronavirus (COVID-19) strategies for preparedness and business continuity are ever evolving with the ongoing pandemic as further critical information develops.

Whether for general preparedness such as sanitization and disinfection, to more specialized multilevel deep cleaning, and further decontamination and cleanup services, including safe disposal methods, we work closely with our customers to achieve a secure environment.

As diverse as your business, and with response plans tailored to each customers’ specific needs, we maintain a 24 hour coronavirus hotline for preventative and active concerns.

Mobilized for rapid response and on the front line, we provide expert attention to large and small scale customers to develop an end to end site specific cleaning plan. With an experienced Incident Response Team, our specialized projects division are deploying day and night advancing a broad range of customers everyday industrial cleaning and emergency needs.

We work within many industries such as: automotive manufacturing, aerospace and defense, to government and public services, chemicals and pharmaceutical, electronics, food grade, beverage and other consumer goods, to off highway and construction, and textiles, oil and gas, power generation and much more.

TEAM Group of Companies trains employees with up to the date industry and authority specific standards and procedures including: approved disinfecting materials, equipment, PPE protocols, coronavirus dwell time allowances, contact tracing, area lockdowns, area disinfection tracking, to emergency assembly points and much further.

As a global and full time operation we understand the need for a safe and quick response to emergency COVID 19 situations. Call our TEAM today and learn more to keep operational down time to a minimum, while receiving a trusted, secure service based on total pre-planning and preparedness.