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Industrial cleaning robots provide many advantages besides a state-of-the-art level of cleanliness.

This technology is equipped to take on some of the hardest (and most dangerous) jobs that could represent a risk to human technicians. The ways in which industrial cleaning robots can lend a hand to safety while delivering high quality results is unmatched.

TEAM Group is a leader in providing industrial cleaning services to a wide range of industries and clients worldwide. This means staying on top in terms of safety, technology, and proper procedures no matter where in the world we operate. One way we continue to grow is in the use and application of industrial cleaning robots for our clients that require them.

One way TEAM Group steps into this commitment is by partnering with companies that are creating innovative solutions for industrial cleaning robot tech and use. TEAM Group has a working partnership with VertiDrive, a company that specializes in magnetic robot crawlers that have a multitude of applications that we will explore.

Industrial Cleaning Robots: Endless Applications

Industrial cleaning robots offer many solutions for your facilities’ needs. Vertidrive has created innovative magnetic robot crawlers that can be applied to hydroblasting, abrasive blasting services and more.

These robots can adhere to and prepare steel surfaces for cleaning and more. These crawlers are designed to move in all directions, even upside down. This is a great advantage as human personnel are not required for hard-to-reach and sometimes dangerous site cleaning. The task can be safely monitored from the ground, while the robot carries out the job with unmatched precision.

Hydroblasting, Abrasive Blasting and Other Heavy-Duty Jobs

Before we continue exploring the exciting capabilities of industrial cleaning robots, let’s define the jobs they typically perform:

Hydroblasting: May also be referred to as waterjetting, waterblasting, hydrojetting, or high-pressure washing. Utilizes a high-pressure (high velocity) washer that aims a stream of pressurized water towards paint on concrete or chemicals on steel.

Abrasive Blasting: May also be referred to as sand blasting. Utilizes the application of an external abrasive material – like water, air or sand – at a high pressure. This is aimed at another surface, usually with the goal of changing the surface’s consistency. Typical uses are on metal, glass, stone and wood surfaces.

Both hydroblasting and abrasive blasting are both used as an effective cleaning solution because of the ability to adapt to the requirements of practically any space. Think of how precise it can be with an industrial cleaning robot.

Hydroblasting and abrasive blasting technologies have many related services such as the capability to remove, neutralize and destroy harmful substances such as rust, pathogens, fugitive dust and more. The applications are far-ranging and can be applied to your facility’s need of equipment restoration, corrosion proofing services and more.

Vertidrive M7 technology is designed for working best on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. This multi-purpose, compact and agile technology in the body of a sleek robot design is what you need for your toughest blasting jobs.

Avoid These Hazards and Switch to Industrial Cleaning Robots

Technicians must always be protected from the hazards of both hydroblasting and abrasive blasting materials. In both processes, there is a risk of blasted material getting loose and causing musculoskeletal injury. There are many dangers of hydroblasting and abrasive blasting that can be avoided by adding industrial cleaning robots to your repertoire.

In hydroblasting, the water stream is typically set at the minimum pressure to remove the unwanted material while minimizing damage to the substrate material. Pressures can exceed 40,000 PSI in industrial circumstances. These types of pressures are powerful enough to cut through steel, making them extremely hazardous to human safety.

High pressure impact, chemical exposure (dust, chemicals), high noise levels, injuries from improper machinery use, and working in confined spaces are all examples of hazards that exist when technicians have to physically undertake such tasks.

The Multi-Purpose Use of Industrial Cleaning Robots

This is where industrial cleaning robots – such as the Vertidrive M7 magnetic robot crawler – comes in. These robots are equipped to handle multiple tasks, since they come with interchangeable applications.

An industrial cleaning robot can change from one job to another in a few short minutes. It is possible to switch from hydroblasting to abrasive blasting in a much shorter time compared to when the same tasks are done manually.

From surface cleaning (removing built-up dirt, grease, and dust) to subsea cleaning and hold cleaning, these robots are your essential tool for tank cleaning and much more.

Tank cleaning services are required for proper hygiene and facility maintenance and vary widely depending on the site, equipment and condition. Many types of industries use storage tanks, and require regular cleaning of solids, scale and sludge that accumulate here.

Corrosion proofing also requires attention in many industrial settings, as this causes environmental and structural damage to metal and concrete buildings such as tanks. Industrial cleaning robots are also applicable to corrosion services.

Even if your facility does not use tanks, there are many other sites that could benefit from the strategic work of hands-free robots.

Safety Benefits in Using Industrial Cleaning Robots

There are clear benefits from using hands-free industrial cleaning robots. In fact, they lead to more efficient cleaning and increased productivity. The below characteristics point to how this is made possible:

By-Product Control: the by-products created from cleaning are handled and contained by the robot, reducing the risk of human exposure to chemicals, dust, noise etc.

Hazard Control: effectively removes, neutralizes, and destroys harmful substances such as rust, pathogens, fugitive dust and more.

A Safer Job: the use of robots reduces the need of difficult or dangerous work at heights, slippery surfaces or confined spaces. This improves efficiency and reliability.

Less Staff Time: You become more efficient when adopting industrial cleaning robots. A multi-person and multi-day job can be turned into a one-man job.

Precision: robots can be used on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. No area remains untouched.

Hands-Free Control: Can be controlled by a technician from the ground, who can also interchange the job at hand, depending on the task.

Less Equipment Required: Industrial cleaning robots are multipurpose and user friendly. Their multiple capabilities result in less equipment (and related maintenance, repairs) needed.

The Vertidrive M7 Difference: Designed for compact spaces and has the blasting capabilities of three blasters. Also has a multi-directional swing, meaning its power and results are wide-reaching.

Corrosion proofing also requires attention in many industrial settings, as this causes environmental and structural damage to metal and concrete buildings such as tanks. Industrial cleaning robots are also applicable to corrosion services.

Even if your facility does not use tanks, there are many other sites that could benefit from the strategic work of hands-free robots.

TEAM Group and Vertidrive in Action

In December 2022, TEAM Group became the first company in Canada to launch the VertiDrive M7 into operations to remove rust and scale from storage tanks. The first project entailed scoping out scaffolding (surface preparation of steel) which would have normally required manual shotgunning of all surfaces.

The Vertidrive M7 and UHP spin jet mower reduced the entire job to only 45 minutes per tank. Without the robot crawler, this job would take a substantially longer amount of time with several technicians working manually. This is just one success story that TEAM Group experiences time and time again with the use of industrial cleaning robots.

Related services and applications

The use of industrial cleaning robots is more accessible for your facility than you think. Contact us today and find out how we can work together to improve safety and efficiency with your facilities cleaning needs.

TEAM Group has experience providing diversified industrial cleaning expertise in complete paint booth cleaning, filtration, sludge system management, chemical cleaning and more. TEAM Group specializes in pain booth cleaning, projects and emergency response, aerospace and defense, advanced industrial cleaning, blasting services, vacuum truck services, tank cleaning and more.

TEAM Group services are extensive and all-encompassing when it comes to complete facility cleaning and management.