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An industrial dry and wet vacuum service is an essential part of any industrial cleaning and facility management plan. When you partner with the experts at TEAM Group, you not only get the most affordable solution, but the one that is backed by 40 years of experience. This also comes with expertly trained and certified technicians which employ state-of-the-art Guzzler fleet equipped with the latest technology. If you’re looking to include an industrial vacuum scheduled to your facility management, look no further than TEAM Group.

Industrial vacuum services are essential where there is waste to be collected and disposed of. The many health, safety and environmental hazards that some of these waste items present is a challenge for facility management worldwide. Without scheduled and regular use of an industrial vacuum when needed, the build-up of waste will become apparent or detrimental, and someone will have to deal with it. With TEAM Group on your side, we’ll gladly be the ones to pick up your mess before it turns into an unmanageable issue.

Why Do I Need an Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Service?

An industrial vacuum is needed to manage wastes that could otherwise affect the health and safety of employees or damage equipment if not dealt with properly. You put so much care into your equipment, the last thing you want is debris causing expensive repairs in areas like pits, tank cleanouts, lagoons or ponds. The benefits of industrial vacuums are massive, and can help with routine tasks such as trenching, public works (sewers, catch basins, storm drains), disaster clean up and more.

There are also environmental impacts that facilities need to comply with under laws specific to their country. In Canada, the Environmental Protection Act specifies pollution prevention as the cornerstone of national efforts to reduce toxic substances in the environment. The Act provides information on a wide range of tools to manage toxic substances, other pollution and wastes. At TEAM Group, we are well aware of these and other provisions for managing toxic substances.

In the long run, employing a total facility management company like TEAM Group to take care of your waste removal needs helps to avoid annoying repairs and increases the output of your facility. It will also help with you compliance of rules and regulations in your place of residence. Of course, it depends on the type of facility you are running and what you are producing. However the health and safety of your employees and environment coupled with improved efficiency are never a bad thing to have in mind, regardless of the scale of your operation.

The TEAM Group Difference

The industrial vacuum services offered by TEAM Group can collect and dispose of unwanted wet or dry, hazardous and non-hazardous waste which include liquids, sludge, and dense materials. We also clean out the sub lagoons / ponds and conduct tasks including trenching, public works related services for sewers, catch basins, storm drains and time-sensitive emergency clean-up of spills. Disposing of the by-products that have built up on your equipment doesn’t need be a cause for strain. Your industrial facility can be serviced as often as you need (regular maintenance, or seasonal) and is also available on an emergency basis. Our services are open to industrial, manufacturing (OEM & Tier) as well as local provincial/federal settings such as municipal work.

What’s more, TEAM Group’s industrial vacuum services include an impressive collection of equipment types and applications. The fleet consists fleet consists of state of the art transport tankers, Guzzlers, and wet/dry industrial vacuum trucks. We take all your metrics into consideration in order to get you the most specialized and affordable solution for your facility. Our recommendations are expert-based and would consider the nature and quantity of the by-product you need out. This is just a taste of what TEAM Group will offer you.

Industrial Vacuum Services Offered by TEAM Group

TEAM Group’s reputation as one of the quickest growing industrial and facility management service provider is backed by the work we do worldwide. We deploy a highly trained team of staff to any facility to offer a variety of technology-based industrial services. The same goes for vacuum services as we invest our staff into solving all your waste-related challenges. We go way deeper than surface-level.

Our state of the art Guzzler machines put in the work to remove the dirty stuff – we’re talking liquid, sludge, and dense waste materials. We always pay attention to detail and service our fleet regularly and operate up to all safety standards for both machines and people. Our TEAM Group technicians undergo vigorous training to remain on top of all the industry health and safety related standards no matter what job they undertake.

We take into account the age of your facility, facility planning and layout, waste versus cost opportunities, and can offer you pointers for lean management improvement. The benefit of these add-ons and the regular industrial vacuum services is your facility will begin to perform at standard, and even begin to exceed that. Sounds great, but which services does TEAM Group offer in terms of an industrial vacuum service?

Vacuum Service: Specialized for You

TEAM Group’s vacuum truck (also referred to as hydro vac) operators have years of experience and are all qualified to remove liquids, sludges, and other dense or hazardous materials. We operate within strict safety measures to ensure everyone working on jobs is safe and protected at all times. TEAM Group remains in compliance with industry and government standards. We keep up with the changing regulations so you can have peace of mind. We’ve got you covered with our impressive fleet of vacuum tankers, supersuckers, jet flushers, cube trucks, and ultra-high pressure wet and dry hydro vacuum trucks.

TEAM Group can run jobs with both wet vacuums (capable of dealing with liquids due to their internal construction that separates water from other working parts) and dry vacuums (those that can only take in dry waste). These cleaning solutions include deep cleaning, removal, transport and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste (i.e. liquids, sludge, wet/dry various solids/dense materials even fugitive dust removal).

With our industry-leading fleet of vacuum trucks available to you, the variety of jobs we can help with are immense and include these in any order or sequence. Pick and choose what you need and we’ll be there to help you with waste management applications such as:

  • Effective wet/dry vacuum collection of waste materials
  • Emergency waste disposal
  • Waste management (including transportation)
  • Dredging/trenching and dewatering
  • Oil, water and solids separation
  • Spill containment and/or cleanup
  • Water systems remediation
  • Paint shop maintenance
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Ultra high pressure blasting
  • Remote vac operating – for tight or confined spaces
  • Hydro excavation
  • Coal ash & dust cleanup
  • Pipeline & tank inspection
  • Tank cleanouts
  • Utility line exposure
  • Hydro cutting…and much more

From scheduled maintenance to emergency hazardous waste disposal, TEAM Group has the equipment, experience and highly knowledgeable staff to take on any job and get it done efficiently. No matter how complex you think your job may be, we have all the tools to create a specialized plan for you in order to get the most out of your industrial vacuum service needs. Partner with TEAM Group to see the difference in your facility or plant today.