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Whether your organization is local, or global, chances are there are some aspects that will benefit from employing integrated facilities management.

Have you ever considered working with a full facilities management provider like TEAM Group? We’ll integrate the management of people, place, process, and technology to optimize your facility to function at utmost efficiency. We can’t wait to work with you.

First Things First – Do you Need Integrated Facilities Management?

What exactly is integrated facilities management? In simple terms, it is a strategy of combining different aspects of your organization – production, office space, delivery services, equipment maintenance – whatever the process may be – and putting it under the management of a single provider, or at least streamlining it a bit. If you have many moving pieces, you can take one large aspect of your business – such as production or building maintenance, and have it managed by one entity – such as TEAM Group. Think of it this way – instead of having multiple contracts and teams dealing with different aspects of your company, you can try to get it down to just one, or a couple really specialized ones. This is helpful because the few companies you work with directly will build a history with you and overtime understand the important, nitty-gritty aspects of your business such as processes, equipment and goals.

TEAM Groups Experience Shines in IFM

TEAM Group proudly works with industries from OEM services to automotive, aerospace and many commercial buildings. We specialize in tailored facility cleaning and management programs with a customized focus on day-to-day facility operations, emergency preparedness, and other technical aspects. Our technical engineers are trained on facilities management and have experience across multiple sectors and industries.

Learn about TEAM Group’s diversified industrial services here. We’ll work with you to improve your sites throughput and product warranty with comprehensive and tailored facility support services.

TEAM Group is Ready to Grow and Learn Alongside Your Business

At TEAM Group, our facilities management services go beyond the normal operations. Not only do we strive to keep your facility running smoothly, but we’ll also make it a point to optimize and drive your business forward. If you require integrated facilities management, no matter the type of business you run, TEAM Group is up for the challenge and opportunity to learn and grow alongside you.

The Factors that Facilities Management Integrates

For you to seamlessly integrate the advice of experts, and for you to start reaching your business goals, you must first focus on these three key variables: people, process, and product. These are called the three Ps and undoubtedly are the building blocks of your entire business. If your business is struggling in one area, it would be worthwhile to understand if there is a way to better manage any, or all these aspects. Management skills need to embody and think about how these aspects intertwine, and also stand alone. Doing so will help you more seamlessly adopt new ideas.

People are the pillar of everything and may include customers, suppliers, investors, advisors, partners, staff etc.

Process embodies the actions your business performs on a large-scale. It can be anything from answering the phone to scheduling equipment maintenance. Are all your processes taken care of?

Product is what your business offers, and it not necessarily something physical.

If these pillars are taken care of then it should go something like this: People fortify the process, which reinforces the product, which then again comes back to people who are using and benefiting from what you produce. Further, the better this is done, the closer you’ll keep moving to your goals, such as keeping costs low and in check, without sacrificing the quality of the end product you manufacture.

The Types of Facilities Management – Single

Are you in need of integrated facilities management, but don’t know which type would benefit you most? There are two main types – single or integrated – and the choice will depend on the types of tasks you need outsourced and of course, what type of facility you are running.

Single integrated facilities management options entails handling each task with an independent entity and contract agreement. An example is one provider for on-site janitorial cleaning, one for equipment maintenance, another for 24/7 emergency response etc. There is something to say for being highly specialized at what you do – it offers expertise and a wealth of knowledge on the part of the contractor. Specialized service providers, like TEAM Group – have been involved in numerous industries and projects to know how to handle curveballs but also give the best and most honest advice about IFM. You can guarantee that a specialized company will focus and do what they do best. There is piece of mind with going with single IFM.

The best way to recognize if your needs will fit with a single integrated facilities management solution is to consider how large of a company you are, and whether implementing this service will improve the working conditions for staff. Whether its better security, more vigilant cleaning of the office, a more efficient way to order warehouse supplies, think about how much time this will free up from your employees – because let’s face it – time is money. With your employees less distracted, and more focused on their job at hand, you can safely leave tasks to a single facility management service, and it can make a big difference in your company’s productivity right off the bat.

The Types of Facilities Management – Integrated

What’s so special about integrated facilities management? Think about it as an all-in-one outsourcing of facility services and a team of experts that have a wide range of experience throughout industries and facilities.

This can include the total maintenance of anything you can imagine under the sun that your facility needs: landscaping, parking lots, HVAC, winter services, security cameras, elevator maintenance, custom engineered solutions to COVID-19 restroom management! The provider should ensure your business is running smoothly. The goal here is to help commercial and industrial buildings function flawlessly and put this priority first.

If you are a larger company, there are significant cost savings associated with hiring an integrated facilities management provider. You may not realize the cost savings until you look closely at how much your single contracts for other services are eating up. Just as going with a single facilities management solution can greatly free up employees from tasks such as cleaning or other routine tasks, a larger company going with an integrated facilities management solution can see reduced material costs, no need to train and re-certify employees (time and money spent) to conduct certain task themselves, improved safety in general (experts are now taking on these tasks), and overall better-quality management. Your employees probably have a million things on the run – so let them focus there. An IFM focuses on the things you don’t have time for, at the frequency and quality required. Outsourcing an IFM like TEAM Group will increase productivity in your facility. If you’re skeptical why not give it a try? Outsourcing to one integrated faculties management provider – especially one as world-renowned as TEAM Group, will allow you and your employees to focus on asks and continue achieving your goals without being weighed down by the little things while you focus on the future.

Hard and Soft Maintenance Services – What’s the Difference?

Since we are outlining types of integrated facilities management and listing examples, it’s worthwhile to also explain what hard and soft maintenance services are. These are wide ranging and the examples below are not expansive.

Hard facilities maintenance services refer to those that are structured within the building and are needed for the actual functioning of the building. These services directly relate to health & safety. Your IFM should include the following hard services – so before you decide on a type of FM, think about whether you need these services and at what scale:

  • Heating
  • Cooling, and ventilation (HVAC)
  • Fire safety systems
  • Electrical
  • Building repair and maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical

Soft maintenance services in facilities management refers to those that are used to create a comfortable, clean, and safe environment. These are non-essential services, that are increased of decreased employer’s discretion. Be aware that these bonus services can greatly improve employee satisfaction and retention when done right. These services directly relate to health & safety. Your IFM should include the following soft services – so before you decide on a type of FM, think about whether you need these services and at what scale: 

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Janitorial services
  • Waste management services
  • Snow removal and winter maintenance
  • Painting and decorating
  • Office and equipment relocation
  • Security system services…and more!


Commercial cleaning services is a wide range of soft maintenance. The extensiveness and severity depend on your facility’s requirements, cleanliness standards, and health & safety standards. With the emergence of COVID-19 many industries now have strict disinfecting requirements, you can learn more by reading about our covid cleaning services.

TEAM Group is Ready to Take on Your Complete Integrated Facilities Management

Does your business fit the criteria for integrated facilities management? Here are some things to think about that may help you answer this question. But before you get too far in, remember that TEAM Group offers facilities management services that go beyond the normal operations. We go beyond the day to day – we like to think about the now and how to get your facility where you want it in the future.  

You should consider partnering with TEAM Group for integrated facilities management especially if you are a large corporation with multiple satellite offices and employees. If you are looking for a smooth, more encompassing way of organizing your total facility management and would prefer to work with one supplier then this is also the choice for you. If you want to optimize your workplace for whatever reason, IFM can help you get to that goal through innovative solutions that are customized for your company.

What is the TEAM Group Difference in Terms of IFM?

TEAM Group has experience in wide ranging facilities, from OEMs to Tier 1 facilities. We are proud to say that all of our partners have enjoyed the long-term benefits of inventory management, waste management, labor support and site cleaning that is included in TEAM Groups IFM. From stamping and body to paint booth maintenance, and final assembly, we provide total facility maintenance and cleaning. Our specialists are there for you at the drop of a coin. As always, TEAM Group values safety as our top priority, so you can rest assured that your employees are working with the very best.