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Paint stripping and rust protection is another outstanding service TEAM Group offers as part of our total facility program for industrial cleaning services and facility management. It is especially applicable to paint booth cleaning and system management that massively help to achieve a compliant environment that meet and exceed customer quality expectations. If you are looking for booth cleaning, technical robot support, process labor support, waterjetting to abrasive media blasting, paint stripping services, and more, we look forward to working with you soon. Read on to find out why you should partner with TEAM Group today.

The processes included in industrial cleaning and total facility management services have always been complex. That’s why TEAM Group is here for you – to take care of your dirtiest jobs with complete satisfaction – no matter where you are or what you do for your business!

Factors such as sustainability, technology and health and safety have significantly changed over the years and subsequently transformed many procedures and values of today’s industrial cleaning services. We’re here to adapt, grow and weather the storm with you.

Perhaps in the last few decades, the most notable shift has been in technology. You may laugh at the fact that almost every gadget nowadays comes with its accompanying app – and it seems to hold true. This extends to the facilities management sphere. TEAM Group realizes how important going digital is for workplace safety as well as a multitude of other aspects involved in managing our modern-day facilities. Change is growth, those that stay stagnant get left behind.

TEAM wants to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, as to serve our clients with the best possible means. We want to change and grow alongside you.


Regular cleaning schedules of cleanroom infrastructure and paint process equipment are an important aspect for any facility to run smoothly day in and day out, resulting in consistent first-time pass. For paint stripping services of your most specialized equipment such as automotive skids, jigs, hooks, racks, and other paint tools – optimizing your overall automotive and other industrial assembly line operations – turn to TEAM Group. We take a diversified approach and look at cleaning each and every aspect of your production line.

TEAM has the experience as a global leader in facility maintenance including services such as paint shop optimization, shutdown deep cleaning, and proprietary paint stripping with quality control through live-time dashboard software and applications. We offer these services to our clients in industries worldwide including those that require it as part of a regular paint booth maintenance and management program.

We provide you with highly trained and qualified technical cleaners and technicians to get your dirtiest and toughest job done. We are backed by 40 years of experience throughout North America, Europe and Asia – you really can’t go wrong with world-class service from TEAM Group. No matter the scope of your project, get in touch with us.

    Paint Stripping: Let us Work our Magic

    Our reliable technicians are well-versed in the specialized cleaning methods and best practices required in order to preserve the integrity and structure of your equipment. This applies before, during and after our cleaning service is carried out. Some services we provide are coating, paint, and residue removal from tools (including paint booth robots to related accessories) and a special touch anywhere your assembly or production line needs it.

    TEAM Group takes our job as seriously as you take yours. We have real time data driven dashboards with software and applications based management to help us get the job done right. View our manufacturing support services production KPIs up-to-the-minute. We want every part of your facility to shine bright again and run smooth like butter. It all goes hand-in-hand: increased system performance means higher quality product followed by improved throughput and warranty.

    Paint Stripping Industrial and Restoration Services

    From paint stripping industrial services to restoration services – we have all the tips and tricks ready up our sleeve. A snapshot of the services we offer includes:


    • Consulting services with paint defect analysis reports.
    • Chemical immersion stripping.
    • Thermal stripping and powder coating burn-off.
    • Paint stripping including descaling, derusting and degreasing.
    • Prepping surfaces for recoating with deoxidization (surface coating stripping).
    • Parts washing removal of contaminants such as dirt, rust, and oil and in other tough to reach spots (mold plates, screws, plastic pieces) where by-products can build up.
    • Rust protection to maintain superior performance for as long as possible.
    • For those in the automotive industry, our technicians are well-versed in industrial coaters and metal fabricators.
    • Total paint booth technical cleaning with maintenance and management.
    • Cases where building components such as furniture, art installations, railings, etc. require stripping.
    • Plastic media and steel grit blasting.
    • Unique projects – let us know your biggest challenge to removing paint and rust and we’ll try our hand at it.
    • Automotive and machine restoration services for repairing and rebuilding the project vehicle. Can also be applied for car restoration for most steel and aluminum parts.
    • Data-based scheduling and freight program.
    • Equipment descaling to help stabilize production processes and improve longevity.
    • Plastic industry tool cleaning (injection molds, blow molds and extrusion screws) to make sure your plastic molds are functioning the way you need.
    • Waterjetting for equipment in various industries and applications.

    Our Paint Stripping Services are for You

    TEAM Group paint stripping and finishing services are applicable to industries dealing with automotive, coatings and other manufacturing sectors. If you have a unique project you want us to tackle, try us! There is no shying away from any kind or style of metal product. We can and will restore it, while making it run again.

    TEAM can also remove zinc as well as surface coatings/fouling agents, while also derusting and degreasing various types of metal parts. What we work with is also diverse; we can strip steel, die cast zinc, aluminum, galvanized steel, wrought iron, castings and forgings, and copper. We know the processes that are required for each type of material to remain intact and functional.

    The Paint Stripping Processes We Use

    Leave it to the TEAM Group cleaning experts. With our experience, we know where to look and will work alongside you to really get to know your facility. The paint stripping method required is based on many factors such as what material the metal is made from. This will dictate what type of process will be most effective at not only stripping paint but preserving the functionality of the part.

    TEAM Group is equipped to conduct thermal, chemical and media blasting paint stripping thoroughly. Once we understand what we are dealing with, we can prepare and apply the correct processes and equipment:


    • Thermal Paint Stripping: When temperature is not an issue for the integrity of the piece we are working with, paint and other debris is burned off in a thermal furnace. This is a very effective and quick paint stripping method.
    • Hot and Cold Chemical Paint Stripping: Chemicals are used to treat materials. This type of paint stripping can be applied to most metals under the right conditions. Not sure where to start? Our TEAM Group technicians are readily available to discuss your options.
    • Media Blasting: Our technicians blast the parts that require paint stripping with media such as sand, plastic, steel, corn cob, glass, CO2 – more options are available as well. Our TEAM will choose the media that works best for the task and surface material being cleaned. This paint stripping method works well when a part requires different amounts of pressure across the build to ensure damage is avoided. This method gives the technician more control to remove even the most stubborn paint. Ask us about media options. TEAM Group carries a wide variety of eco-friendly blast media and abrasives from soft to hard and everything in between.
    • Parts Washing & Advanced Cleaning: Whatever your job is, bring it to us. TEAM Group can wash in bulk, breaking down oil, dirt, rust on hooks, fixtures, jigs and racks. More advanced cleaning solutions such as ultrasonic cleaning can also be available for specific circumstances.
    • Real Time Data-Driven Accountability: We offer custom integrated digital dashboard services for sitewide and corporate wide production audits and inspection, carrier cleaning, parts cleaning and more, increasing your overall production operating performance, product quality and throughput. TEAM Group gathers data in real time with software and applications that are designed to synthesize metrics from our on-site teams. Real time tracking is a possibility – every job, sign-off and shift can be monitored over the course of our time with you. We’re going digital and can show you all of our forms and supporting documents with a click of a button and customized with your brand. In addition to making documentation more legible and organized, gathering data in this way ensures other critical features like time/space accuracy is recorded accurately. For example, the completion of tasks may be signed off onsite in real time which can then be verified with a GPS location. The possibilities are endless, and we can create a fully customizable approach to meet your needs, from local to global.

    Technical Cleaning for Paint Booths and Equipment

    TEAM Group has decades of experience in various industries including the automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace manufacturing sectors. In terms of paint booth and equipment solutions, we offer a variety of services that will keep your factory working at top notch. We strive to improve your production by removing build up from delicate and intricate pieces of machinery. Whatever parts require paint stripping, our coatings removal TEAM is ready.

    Paint booth cleaning requires specialized care as they present a unique challenge: layers of tough to remove paint in tough to reach areas. Our paint booth maintenance services are wide ranging and include services for paint line and coating systems performance, and production support. Our booth paint stripping services can be customized to include: robotic spray and powder booths, grates, ceilings, walls, silhouettes, structures, flood sheets, elimination chambers, deep cleanings and shutdowns, skids, jigs, fixture cleaning – and more.

    the team group goal

    Our goal is to work alongside you to complete all your facility maintenance needs including paint stripping. If this is a regular or scheduled type of maintenance you require, please do not hesitate to make us part of your TEAM! Our highly trained and dedicated staff are ready to develop a program that works best for your business and its production goals.