The Future is Electric: How to Prepare Your Facility for the Rise of EVs

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly prevalent, facilities across various industries must adapt to accommodate this transformative shift. 

The global shift towards EVs is not just a trend—it’s a revolution that’s reshaping the automotive industry. As governments implement stricter emissions regulations and consumers become more environmentally conscious, the demand for EVs continues to surge. For automotive manufacturers and their support service providers, this transition presents both significant opportunities and challenges.

At TEAM Group, we understand that preparing your facility for the rise of EVs involves more than just installing a few charging stations. It requires a comprehensive approach to infrastructure, logistics, and sustainability. Our expertise in integrated facility management services positions us to help automotive manufacturers seamlessly integrate EV capabilities into their operations.

With a rise in EV sales and numerous organizations committing to electric fleets, preparing facilities for EVs is not just a trend but a necessity.

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

The surge in electric vehicle adoption is evident. As of 2020, nearly 1.8 million electric vehicles were registered in the United States, and sales have continued to soar. According to McKinsey & Company, U.S. electric vehicle sales increased by nearly 200% between 2020 and 2021.

EV sales have seen the fastest growth in Europe, with an annual growth rate of 60% from 2016 to 2020, surpassing the 36% increase in China and the 17% increase in the U.S. This significant growth highlights the urgency for facilities to prepare for the influx of EVs, ensuring they are equipped to support the necessary infrastructure and services.


TEAM Sustainability

In our journey towards sustainability, TEAM Group has achieved significant milestones that underscore our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. In our inaugural year, we proudly received a Silver Ecovadis rating, a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices and responsible business conduct. This achievement was complemented by the publication of our first ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Report, providing transparency to our stakeholders about our sustainability initiatives and performance.

Compared to industry peers, TEAM Group has excelled, consistently ranking in the high 60s on Ecovadis assessments, surpassing competitors who typically score in the 45-50 range. This competitive edge reflects our proactive adoption of smart factory solutions and digital transformation, enhancing our operational efficiency and resilience in the face of evolving industry challenges. As we look ahead, we remain committed to advancing sustainability benchmarks, driven by innovation and a shared vision for a sustainable future.


Key Considerations for Facility Preparation

1. Assess Demand and Capacity
Before investing time and money into installing EV charging stations, businesses must determine if this is the right move for their facility. Begin by evaluating the demand from employees and customers. Then, assess your existing infrastructure to ensure the feasibility of EV charging station installations. Several factors influence the complexity of the project, such as the property’s location, accessibility to electricity, and available parking capacity.

2. Installing EV Charging Stations
The cornerstone of accommodating electric vehicles is the installation of EV charging stations. Proper installation is critical for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and scalability of the charging infrastructure. Facilities should seek out electrical contractors who are specially trained and knowledgeable about EV charging station installation.

3. Facility Electrification
Electrification extends beyond installing charging stations. It involves upgrading electrical systems to handle increased loads, implementing energy-efficient practices, and integrating renewable energy sources. This comprehensive approach ensures that facilities are not only prepared for current demands but also positioned for future expansion and technological advancements.

4. Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)
Ongoing maintenance and repair are vital for the longevity and performance of EV infrastructure. Regular inspections, timely repairs, and efficient operations management ensure that the EV charging stations and related equipment function optimally. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and enhances the overall user experience.

5. Post Construction Cleaning of EV and Battery Facilities
Post construction cleaning of EV and battery facilities is a critical step in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the infrastructure. This process involves thorough cleaning and inspection of the entire facility, focusing on both interior and exterior areas where EVs and batteries are stored, charged, and serviced. Specialized cleaning protocols address potential hazards such as battery residue and dust, ensuring compliance with safety standards and environmental regulations. Regular cleaning schedules help maintain optimal operational conditions, prevent corrosion, and minimize the risk of contamination. By prioritizing post construction cleaning, facilities can uphold high standards of cleanliness, safety, and reliability for their EV and battery operations.

6. Environmental Sustainability Management (ESM)
Adopting electric vehicles is a step towards sustainability, but it must be complemented by broader environmental management practices. Facilities should implement sustainability programs that focus on reducing energy consumption, managing waste, and promoting renewable energy use. This holistic approach amplifies the environmental benefits of transitioning to EVs.

7. Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations is crucial in the installation and operation of EV infrastructure. Ensuring that all installations meet safety and regulatory standards mitigates risks and avoids potential legal issues. Additionally, robust risk management practices protect against unforeseen challenges and disruptions.


The Role of TEAM Group in Facility Preparation

Comprehensive EV and Battery Services

TEAM Group offers a wide range of services tailored to the electric vehicle and battery sectors. These services are designed to support facilities in every phase of their transition to EV infrastructure, from initial planning to ongoing maintenance and innovation.

Automotive Paint Booth System Management

Ensuring that EV manufacturing facilities maintain high standards of cleanliness and performance is critical. TEAM Group specializes in managing automotive paint booth systems, which are essential for producing high-quality finishes on electric vehicles.

Technical Cleaning and Field Services

Precision cleaning is vital in the production and maintenance of EVs and batteries. TEAM Group provides specialized technical cleaning and field services that meet the stringent requirements of these sectors, ensuring that facilities operate smoothly and efficiently.

Environmental Services and Sustainability Management

TEAM Group’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in our comprehensive environmental services. These include waste management, energy efficiency programs, and initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of facilities, aligning with the broader goals of EV adoption.

Technology Advancement and Facility Electrification

Staying ahead of technological advancements is key to maintaining a competitive edge in the EV industry. TEAM Group supports facilities in integrating cutting-edge technologies and upgrading their electrical systems to handle the demands of modern EV infrastructure.

Compliance and Risk Management

Navigating the complex landscape of regulations and compliance can be challenging. TEAM Group offers expert guidance and support to ensure that facilities adhere to all relevant standards and mitigate potential risks effectively.

The transition to electric vehicles presents a significant opportunity for facilities to embrace sustainability and innovation. However, this transition requires careful planning, expert guidance, and ongoing management.

By partnering with a trusted facility management company like TEAM Group, facilities can navigate the complexities of electrification with confidence and achieve their sustainability goals. TEAM Group’s comprehensive EV and battery services ensure that facilities are well-equipped to support the growing demand for electric vehicles and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.