Product Support Services to Compliment Facility Solutions

Complete facility management encompasses many interwoven product support services and technical cleaning services.

For example, to have your supply chain management running smoothly, you also need a safe, clean, and overall well-maintained facility. Learn about the innovative ways that complete facility maintenance incorporates commercial cleaning services to benefit countless aspects of your operations.

Why Should Product Support Services Be Included in Facilities Solutions

At TEAM Group, we recognize that technical support and cleaning services are an important aspect to your complete facility maintenance needs. We have years of experience across various industries, and we keep our clients’ businesses running like  well-oiled machines year after year. We know that delivering quality services must focus on looking at your operation as a sum of all its working parts. We want to support you and bring innovative ideas to the table that maximize your throughput in all areas.

TEAM Group specializes in integrated facilities management (IFM). We know how to integrate the management of people, place, process, and technology for factory optimization. Let us streamline your process and provide the product support services that make sense for your unique facility. How do we know that we can do it? We have an impressive repertoire of clients who trust us with all the nitty-gritty aspects. We’ve got their back and they know it.

Innovation is part of Integrated Product Support Services

Companies large and small need products support systems complimented by facility cleaning services. Take Amazon for example – this business supports more than a million employees around the world. An innovate idea Amazon implemented in one of their production buildings involved using recycled heat from a neighboring building to heat their own. Capturing and using waste heat is an amazing step towards Amazon’s goal towards achieving carbon neutrality.

TEAM Group Is at the Front of Innovation

As a carbon-neutral business, TEAM Group strives to be at the front end of innovative ideas such as energy saving ideas. We strive to streamline and improve processes by providing expert lean manufacturing consulting. We’ll provide meaningful advice and results to improve your facility functions wherever needed. If you want to make commitments to being carbon-neutral business and realize the role you could play in emissions reduction, then challenge us. The actions that businesses take – such as joining the green movement – are being noted. Whatever your goals are, make us aware of them and we’ll work towards them alongside you.

TEAM Group Applies the Software and Applications You Need

We’re problem solvers, providing real time intelligence about quality detractors impacting the cleanroom. Our clients receive comprehensive monitoring of all zones and high-performance systems. TEAM Group is a leading innovator in terms of software and applications for automotive paint booth maintenance and beyond. TEAM Group’s very own Paint Defect Analysis Software is just one example that provides clients with custom onsite tabulation and reporting for paint booth maintenance. Ask us what else we can do.

Where Will Product Support Services Best Compliment My Business?

We know that companies large and small require product support services – as well as technical cleaning services – as part of their integrated facilities management. How do we know that? We’ve worked with them! Industrial cleaning will often be needed in the same areas where product support is prioritized. The need to keep customers satisfied is the goal for many businesses, but it cannot be reached without happy, safe employees and well-maintained facilities.

There is an immense amount of supply chain management and warehouse logistics details that are part of the product support services companies rely on as a lifeline. Although it may not seem as important, facility cleaning should not be overlooked here. In terms of supply chain management, sites such as fulfillment centers, sortation areas, receive centers, and delivery stations all represent fast-paced (as easy to dirty!) areas that need regular and extra cleaning efforts.

Partner With TEAM Group and We’ll Sort Your Facility Needs

Not sure where to start? Partner with TEAM Group for your complete industrial cleaning needs. Our services include planning and development of a comprehensive facility cleaning program as well as product support services in terms of network strategy, inventory optimization, lean manufacturing, and more. We don’t hesitate to step on site with you and your technicians to implement and reflect on whether our innovative solutions are working to improve your bottom line. If not, we will go back to the drawing board and come up with the best product support services until we get it right.

TEAM Group uses IFM To Integrate Product Support Services

At TEAM Group, we have years of experience creating tailored facility plans for global businesses across industries. Are you wondering how and where product support services and cleaning will fit into your business plan? TEAM Group’s experience shines when it comes to innovation and integration of facility needs into one perfect package. We do this by using an integrated facility management approach (IFM).

Simply put, IFM is a strategy of combining different aspects of your organization – production, cleaning, equipment maintenance – whatever may be your priority – and putting it under the management of a single provider, or at least streamlining it a bit. Instead of having multiple contracts or teams dealing with aspects of your company, you keep it to one or a couple specialized ones. This is helpful because the fewer companies you work with allow you to build a history with them. TEAM Group wants to be there for you in the long run. We want to understand what is important to you now, as well as anticipate your future needs. 

Where Should I Focus?

TEAM Group is active across a wide range of sectors, and we offer creative and individualized solutions to every client. That’s how we have become the most established name in terms of facility maintenance on the global scale.

If you need help with adjusting or implementing product support services related to consulting, total booth management, production equipment maintenance, process engineering, paint defect analysis, skilled trades, internal logistics or project services, then partner with us. So, where do we get started?

Network Strategy: Depending on your business, TEAM Group will investigate your supply chain network and see where improvements would benefit your production goals in the long-term. We focus on data and the facts to assess cost and service-related trade-offs for our propositions.

One example is TEAM Groups’ paint defect analysis software, which uses real time data to conduct a root cause analysis. This includes identifying the layer the paint defect occurred, analysis and taking samples. In the long run having a network strategy like this will help your business avoid costly mistakes and wasted products. We never guess – our technicians take the necessary steps such as walkthroughs, crater testing, and zone by zone tablet review as part of the process to identifying the source of the paint defect. We will similarly pay this much attention to whatever area of you think needs the most attention in your facility.

Optimizing Inventory: We use technology and modelling software to see sites of paint defects, as well as where other equipment may be lacking or impeding production. We can map out your facility and suggest models that give you a better balance between product delivery and keeping inventory stoked.

Cost Reduction: Reduced costs is always a favourable outcome. At TEAM Group, we offer lean manufacturing consulting, a tailored approach for eliminating extra waste and the inefficient processes that generate them. Our consultants can identify and focus on areas that would benefit most from value-added adjustments. We offer only the most innovative solutions for cost reduction in production, transportation and more.

Facility Cleaning Services: TEAM Group is a leading integrated provider of safety and results-driven innovative solutions to facility services. We provide end-to-end industrial cleaning services and industrial equipment maintenance services that can complement your facility management goals.

A maintenance company can shine in product support services when the staff understand how various plants and their parts come together. When you partner with TEAM Group you’ll see the immense experience we have across various industries. In North America, we are one of the fastest growing global industrial cleaning and facility management service providers. We are active worldwide, and we’ve received awards and recognition from many of our global clients. Contact TEAM Group today for information on how to get started.