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How can you ensure effective safety and security measures related to fire and life are in place at your facility? Find out where to begin.

Providing employees with a high level of comfort, and customers with impeccable customer service requires sound response management. Not only does this require policy and protocols but also the human element of accountability and a tight knit safety culture. So, how does one approach such a multi-faceted and important aspect of the workplace?

More specifically, we’ll be focusing on the comprehensive service that pertains to building fire and life safety. This is part of an overarching integrated facility management system, also known as IFM, which can be outsourced to leaders in the industry such as TEAM Group. IFM helps streamline processes going on in your facility including safety procedures. Consulting on IFM exclusively with TEAM Groups helps us handle all your integrated facility services.

One solution for maintaining fire and life safety is building control automation, which can extend to other systems such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, security and more. The sky’s the limit. Let us power your vision and bring it to life, so you can get back to managing the important parts of your business.

From hired security personnel, to technical infrastructure building controls, TEAM Group has your maintenance and safety management covered. Find out why you need to integrate these services today.

Ensuring Safety and Security Benefits Us All

Safety and security is something all organizations should commit to on the daily. Today, the measures we take to ensure safety are heightened due to the ongoing pandemic, which has us zoned in on the need for germ-free environments.

Although COVID-19 and the ensuing tripledemic (and whatever comes next) has put a lot of pressure on the need for germ decontamination and preparedness, the commitment to safety and security across the board remains a priority for TEAM Group and everyone we work alongside.

Safety and security extend beyond germ disinfection to include many aspects – from training, to building automation, to the most up-to-date management software. Where do we advise you to place your focus to ensure success?

Offer Comprehensive Training

Safety and security don’t just ‘happen’ in a facility. At TEAM, our technicians undergo health and safety training that covers skills needed for the wide-ranging jobs they are involved in.

Occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements are important day in and day out, no matter the situation (pandemic or not!). This is also a North America wide requirement. With the large amount of detailed information required for operations to go smoothly, it’s no surprise that many OHS aspects are forgotten or misunderstood. Continuous training is required to uphold the best safety and security practices.

Commit to Safety

A technician can step out of a training session without giving much thought to how the things they learned can actually make a difference in the field and often, save lives. However, knowledge is power and mindset is everything.

If each employee makes the commitment to safety and leadership, the group will be better off. This means not only following protocols but also giving feedback on what could be improved. Encouraging open communication with all levels of staff and providing resources on workplace safety beyond just the training sessions is another way to demonstrate safety and security in the workplace.

Choosing non-compliance means not following protocol and could cost you your business and reputation. That’s just another reason to partner with TEAM Group, since we can ensure you are taking all the necessary precautions to follow OHS requirements in all the work that you do.

Manage Risks and Learn from Mistakes

As much as we strive to move towards safety and security, accidents happen. In order to manage risks before an accident happens, identify the risks (mechanical, chemical etc.) and the processes that could help alleviate or manage their likelihood of occurrence.

Training is a big part of this and should cover risk management from the point of protective equipment, and resources. Other good risk management practices include conducting regular inspections and maintenance and installing security devices.

When a mistake happens, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Instead of burying your head in the sand, make sure you have a protocol to investigate accidents and develop plans that avoid the situation next time.

Have an Emergency Response Plan

Of course, how can one create safety and security within an organization without an emergency response plan? This is typically a series of procedures that outline how a situation must be handled, and should include preparedness and a dry-run prior to.

Planning and training are the key here, because when an emergency strikes, your personnel should be ready to respond appropriately. There are many phases of an emergency response plan, and it can also be designed for a digital format.

Invest in the Newest Technology

A great way to make improvements is to go digital or upgrade certain methods to a platform that helps you stay organized. Part of safety and security includes keeping up-to-date records of jobs, personnel, accidents, and other details.

TEAM Group has partnered with SiteDocs and utilizes its safety management software to digitize forms, use GPS location tracking and mapping, create custom reports and more. SiteDocs is an attractive software that makes compliance easy and endless paperwork a thing of the past.

SiteDocs is just one example of the technologies we have integrated to ensure safety and security of our clients’ facilities worldwide. This software helps measure the effectiveness of preventative actions, and helps guide our clients towards improvement. Going digital in this way helps us to strengthen our corporate operational standards as related to safety training and culture

Fire Safety and Detection Systems

Sound fire safety is required for any and every building. Fire detection requires many integrated systems working together such as sensors, devices, control panels etc. TEAM Group takes pride in our wide-ranging clients who rely on our technicians to develop and install fire and safety solutions in their workplace. You take safety seriously, and so do we.

As mentioned earlier, we want to consult our clients about all aspects of their facility, and this includes investing in the newest technology. State of the line integrated fire and life safety can be part of your facility. We can consult you on the best applications for control panel services, as well as set up notification solutions and services so you’re always aware of a fire incident. Trust TEAM Group with the products and solutions that will best protect people and facilities.

Safety Features that Go Above and Beyond

Ensuring ‘security’ is a round-the-clock job. That’s why TEAM Group can consult on the solutions that best work for you. Whether it’s installing remote control options, video surveillance, alarm systems or perimeter protection – we got it covered. Emergency preparedness is never complete afterall, since new threats emerge and then disappear just as quickly. Video and perimeter surveillance, mobile security, and mass notification services aren’t out of your reach. If you can dream it, we can do it.

State of the Art Building Automation Controls

Building Automation Systems (BAS) is another example of going digital that will help your facility run in a more cost-effective and safer manner. Another awesome by-product is that it alleviates some of the workload off of facility managers. TEAM Group will help automate your building for ease of use, by using intelligent and related control systems. From configuration, testing to program installation, we’ve got you covered

A BAS is a network of automated functions within a building. This can include anything from HVAC, to fire security (fire alarms, sprinklers, detection systems), to air quality control. These aspects can be controlled from a single interface, with many buildings controlled through the same software. This saves facility and building managers time, money and resources. Automation is a large aspect of facility management and plays a large role in safety and security as well.


Safety and security should remain at the highest level of importance for all facility managers, and should be treated seriously for both a large crisis, as well as routine safety checks. At TEAM Group, we encourage you to partner with us, so that we can help your business respond quickly in any situation.