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TEAM Group is a leader in industrial facilities management worldwide – but that doesn’t mean we don’t consult and work with amazing partners such as SiteDocs, to help us with safety management software. That’s right, even the experts lean on other companies for inspiration on how to save time, money and lives. Safety is our top priority, find out how SiteDocs helps TEAM continually build on and achieve this goal for all the industrial facilities we manage.

The processes included in industrial cleaning and total facility management services have always been complex. That’s why TEAM Group is here for you – to take care of your dirtiest jobs with complete satisfaction – no matter where you are or what you do for your business!

Factors such as sustainability, technology and health and safety have significantly changed over the years and subsequently transformed many procedures and values of today’s industrial cleaning services. We’re here to adapt, grow and weather the storm with you.

Perhaps in the last few decades, the most notable shift has been in technology. You may laugh at the fact that almost every gadget nowadays comes with its accompanying app – and it seems to hold true. This extends to the facilities management sphere. TEAM Group realizes how important going digital is for workplace safety as well as a multitude of other aspects involved in managing our modern-day facilities. Change is growth, those that stay stagnant get left behind.

TEAM wants to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, as to serve our clients with the best possible means. We want to change and grow alongside you.


TEAM prioritizes safety in all aspects of our work. That’s why we have partnered with SiteDocs to extend our expertise, ensuring our safety management mission and software is top notch, and current with the times. We want to save time, money and lives so that we can ensure the best working environment for our employees as well as yours. We promise you you’re in good hands.

What are some of the key attributes TEAM Group finds so useful in SiteDocs? Let’s highlight the general features here:


  • Digital and Custom Forms: All fillable forms can be customized onto the SiteDocs platform for completion, signing and follow-up. Certifications and other documents can also be uploaded for easy access (no more photocopies and paper files needed!).
  • GPS Location Tracking and Mapping: This feature ensures that sign-offs on site are legitimate.
  • Analytics for Data Driven KPIs: An analytics insights tool can be accessed, and generated to analyze sitewide safety programs, and site-specific trends. For example, information on site by site conformance, near misses and incidents, accidents, first aid can be obtained easily.
  • Custom Report Generation: Any number of reports including graphics can be created. Examples include safety reports (daily, weekly, monthly), safety culture reports, and flags and follow up reports, signed document reports, certification reports and more.
  • Interactive Templates and Further Customization: Data can be compiled and shown using various tools such as pie charts, bar charts, column charts, line charts, dot charts, area/density charts, doughnut charts, scatter charts, spider and radar charts, stacked bar charts, comparison charts, gauge charts and more.

Safety Management Software – Undeniable Benefits

An attractive feature of going digital in terms of safety management software is that it help us move to a paperless compliance procedure. Finally – no missing or lost forms. Using a digital platform ensures that all critical health and safety details are recorded in one go, are legible, and use the right language to describe the situation. There is nothing worse than looking through paperwork only to input half-readable scribbly handwriting.

In addition to making documentation more legible, the software can also ensure other critical features like time/space accuracy is recorded accurately. For example, the completion of health and safety tasks may be signed off onsite in real time which can then be verified with a GPS location. What’s more, SiteDocs allows for custom forms, analytics, annotations, document upload (certifications, forms, manuals, and procedures), messaging, calls and even email to happen all from one platform. Sounds like an all-around lifesaver.

Get the facts right and stay on top of things with a dedicated team and safety management software. TEAM Group stands by this tool – we have adopted it into our multi-step safety management program and remain satisfied customers.

TEAM Group’s Employees and SiteDocs – Working Together

SiteDocs is just a part of the schema of digital programs that allows TEAM to be the global powerhouse for integrated facilities management worldwide. The safety management software from SiteDocs allows us to continually improve our corporate operational standards as related to safety training and culture. TEAM site managers and supervisors regularly engage in a combination of hands-on and digital training methods, synching to each employee’s unique profile.

All our members training profiles are also made readily available to clients. Clients may scan a personnel’s QR code to access all that person’s unique training and certifications. SiteDocs helps us stay transparent and on top of all the current standards and regulations of the regions we are working in.

We care about our employees who go out in the field and carry out many advanced and complicated jobs. SiteDocs safety management software helps ensure employees remain up to date on required training, and that each course and sign-off from a superior is accurate and valid. Real-time GPS locations of every signature, date, photo, and time stamp are also recorded on the platform.

SiteDocs helps equip TEAM Group through their safety management software that helps enhance and monitor workplace safety aspects. This is integrated to everything we do. The SiteDocs safety management program is continuously informed by real-time data as well as our safety expertise team paying close attention to the progress of employees completing jobs at your facility. SiteDocs is user-friendly and can help with onsite monitoring compliance, integration, sharing of data and more.

This is how TEAM stands out among the leading-edge manufacturing service providers. SiteDocs helps make compliance easy with its state of the art safety management software. However, it extends beyond people management – read on to find out more.

The Link with Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

People, process and product – the key variables that make integrated facilities management a success in your business. TEAM Group proudly works with industries from OEM services to automotive, aerospace and many commercial buildings. We specialize in tailored facility cleaning and management programs with a customized focus on day-to-day facility operations, emergency preparedness, and other technical aspects. Our technical engineers are trained on facilities management and have experience in countless sectors and industries.

Although safety management software seems to focus mostly on the process aspect of IFM, it all links together. If your employees and clients feel safe and taken care of, you’ll notice things transform and tasks get completed efficiently and with less complications. Add a safety management software into the mix and see how much productivity improves. You’ll notice how seamlessly the people, process and products variables come together once your employees and clients feel supported.

TEAM‘s Unique Software Development

TEAM Group has been adapting and learning about new available technology for automation services software, applications, commercial cleaning robots, tracking cleaning services, scheduling, quoting, and invoicing – all to improve client relationships.

TEAM’s very own Paint Defect Analysis Software is a unique tool that is used in paint booths to detect contaminants, map their source, and give recommendations on which procedures could be adjusted or implemented to eliminate the problem. This is another step in moving forward with technology and learning to serve you better.

By implementing this software and bringing technicians up to speed, TEAM Group has helped site staff to be more accurate in their inputs, thereby improving corporate-wide data and product warranty. We hope to add to our repertoire of data management software in the future, with plans to incorporate data flow and management between applications.

No matter who we work with, TEAM will always strive to provide the best total facility maintenance and cleaning services to you. As always, TEAM Group values safety as our top priority, so you can rest assured that your employees are working with the very best. We adopt tools to grow and improve as to help you do the same with whatever industry or business you are in.

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