hydro excavation

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TEAM Group hydro excavation services are cost-effective with safety at the forefront. From utility line locating using daylighting or potholing methods to any custom project our excavation team is ready for your next project.

TEAM Group has decades of experience in the industrial cleaning field. Our employees are trained and integrated in our safety badge program.

Our company has decades of experience and every employee goes through thorough training. To ensure that your project is cost-effective and completed in a safe manner. Plus we work with you to integrate with your company policies and safety standards. Safety is our top priority for all of our excavation projects.


Hydro Excavation Applications:

  • Utility line exposure
  • Ditching
  • Trenching
  • Potholing
  • Daylighting
  • Line, sign and pole installation
  • Pipe and sewer rehabilitation
  • Frost cutting
  • Tank cleaning

Our Hydro Excavation Company:

TEAM Group has been a global leader in industrial cleaning for decades. Providing innovative services to complete custom projects in a safe and efficient manner. Our company started hydro excavation services as our customers needed better solutions.

Daylighting and potholing is one of the unique forms of hydro excavation. It allows for the quick remove soil to expose utility lines or other sub surface objects.

We’re ISO certified and are always looking for ways to improve our safety program.

Water excavation works in a wide variety of soils and conditions such as clay, rocky substrate and frozen ground. It exposes the facilities, pipes and utilities by using a combination of pressure, water, and air. It then sucks up the slurry debris material utilizing a large attached hose and stores it in a debris tank.

Hydro excavation has quickly become the preferred method in industrial sites or urban areas with excessive infrastructure. The process can also be used to expose only a small section of pipe or lines to evaluate them for cracks, leaks or damage. When only a small area is removed it is commonly referred to as potholing.

hydro excavation trenching

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Daylighting is the process of safely exposing utility lines or underground pipes to daylight. This is a form of hydro excavation done using a vacuum truck and pressure wand.

This type of exposure is much more safer and cleaner than older methods because the vac truck operator can control the temperature and pressure of the wand being used.

Daylighting breaks up the ground into a wet slurry and the vacuum sucks up the solution into a debris tank. This allows for the safe and quick removal of soil and earth while also allowing a the underground pipes or utility lines to be exposed without any damage.

Before daylighting with a vac truck was possible this type of work used to be hand dug. Which posed many safety concerns such as hitting a power line with a shovel.


Potholing is nearly identical to daylighting. Potholing is when only a very small area of ground is removed to expose a utility line or subsurface objects. This also uses a vacuum truck and pressurized water to break up the ground, creating a slurry and using the large vacuum hose to suck the mixture into a tank.

Potholing looks like a pothole but typically goes much deeper into the earth, less land is disrupted from potholing. For some cases we may recommend video inspection services for your potholing project.


What is hydro excavation?
Hydro excavation is the process of excavation, which is moving or removing soil, using pressurized water. Our vacuum truck services then remove the soil and water slurry by vacuuming it into a debris tank. This allows you to accurately excavate soil and locate underground utility lines or other underground items.
Do you work on weekends and off hours?
Very often excavation projects required minimal disruption. As such our clients might prefer the work to be done in non-peak hours. TEAM Group is ready to work 24/7 flexible for your project.
What is daylighting?
Daylighting is the process of exposing utility lines or subsurface objects to the daylight. This process is typically done using a hydro vac truck and pressurized water, this is called hydro excavation and is the safest and most cost-effective form of daylighting.