Production Support

TEAM Group supplies our customers with labour support management services. This includes general labor, skilled trades, assembly line workers and technicians. All of our on-site personnel are trained and supervised by our management team. We have pre-qualifed labour to match your requirements. We are OSHA, OS&H and WHIMIS trained and our company is ISO certified.

Our labour support can work on a part-time, full-time, or emergency basis. Providing production line tasks with services ranging from product quality inspections, cleaning, logistics, sub assembly, kitting, and component assurance.

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Key Roles:

  • Sub-assembly
  • COVID-19 restart support
  • Production line labour
  • Operators & supervisor support
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Equipment operators
  • Inventory & logistics
  • Technical & skilled trades
  • And much more


COVID-19 has created a lot of labour shortages on a quick notice. Ensuring that your employees are in a safe workplace and your production lines stay up is of utmost importance.

Our emergency labour support services allow your facility to continue to run, while also maintaining health and safety procedures. TEAM Group’s emergency labour support management will help you acomplish your goals while keeping your employees safe.

Benefits Of Labour Support

Regardless of your facility size, location, or type of facility. Using TEAM Group’s support labour services provides custom solutions that best fit your needs.

We have a culture of safety, experienced managers, technicians, and production support. We have repeatable processes to ensure constant and reliable delivery of labour. Integrated facilities management, janitorial services, operations and maintenance, equipment operators, energy and utility management services.

You can rest assured knowing that TEAM Group has the proper skilled labour ready to integrate in your operations.


Our labour supply services help plants during and following COVID shutdowns. Our restart services and technicians can provide temperature checks, floor and paint signage and more. That way your employees can return to a safe workplace after a COVID-19 related shutdown. TEAM Group’s emergency labour support services allow your workplace to return and navigate the new normal.

On top of our emergency support staffing we also provide labour training to follow COVID-19 protocols, ingress controls, security screenings, fit for duty assessments, waste management, shipping and receiving and more. Whatever your facility needs we can either provide the staff for you, or help train your new hires.


Finding technical and skilled trade labour can be hard. With TEAM Group’s facility management services we help production lines stay up and efficient. A big part of that is providing technical and skilled trade workers. Welding, masonry, electricians, ironworkers, hositing engineers, heavy equipment operators, plumbers, hydraulic mechanics, instrumentation technicians, metal fabricators, process operators and more.

Your facility is unique, and we’ve got the right technicians and skilled trade labour to support your operations. Reach out to TEAM Group today to inquire about getting support at your facility.