TEAM Group Partners With WHR Excavating

Excavation is the new construction. TEAM Group has partnered with WHR Excavating in a new enterprise toward collaborative expansion in the Ontario sector.

WHR Excavating specializes in excavation and property maintenance services.

John Krushel started back in 1998 with a just truck and a skid steer. Alongside Jackie Krushel, the entrepreneurs have grown and established many long-standing relationships in the manufacturing and construction industries.

In addition to adding 2 new divisions to the company, this last year has been spent moving into a 74-acre location in Woodstock.

Investment in hydro excavators designed for extreme weather, and rugged terrain, has proven a record success. The addition of a Mechanics Division has generated a notable government contract.

“With growth comes the need for better systems, better processes and technology, most importantly, a talented safe workforce. Clint Griffin will bring a new approach in managing and sustaining the growth as an organization,” said John.


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