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TEAM Group
TEAM Solutions Et Al. Announces Major Rebrand

We are pleased to announce that TEAM Group reflects the Company’s recent developments to go beyond expectations. We deliver world class facility services such as deep cleaning, technical cleaning, and production support to Fortune 500 OEM and Tier 1 facilities around the globe.

Our portfolio is extensive, with customers seeking increasingly diversified and innovative industrial cleaning and facility maintenance of strict areas, such as cleanroom environments.

From general assembly, to paint booths, and warranty (Paint Defect App™) – we continue to expand further to meet demands of the European and Asian markets.

With critical and continued investment into advanced hydroblasting services and safer technologies, in addition to a recent partnership with WHR in North America, TEAM Group is looking forward to an exciting third quarter.

Our Vision And Growth As Key Competitor

We will continue to be recognized as a global provider of diversified industrial support services, focused on long term prosperity through profitable growth.

Value-added services that deliver high performance facilities, such as our permanent onsite facility cleaning programs in the automotive manufacturing, heavy equipment, and aerospace and defense industries will continue to cement our reputation as a bold competitor across a broad range of industries.

The discipline, diligence and transparency ingrained in our proprietary operating system assures this aspiration.

BOSS, the Company’s OS is utilized by TEAM Group in all global cleaning contacts with positive feedback from our customers, such as Toyota, General Motors, FCA, Geely, and more.

Same Company, Same Safety Commitment

Above all else, TEAM Group will have an unwavering commitment to employee safety.

Whether our customers or employees recognize us as TEAM Solutions, TEAM Industrial, TEAM Reclamation, TEAM Uk, TEAM China, or beyond – our pledge to you remains the same.

In 2016, we launched the Safety Badge Program which promotes positive and continuous improvement of our safety culture.

Today, the program is a key component of the Company, with more than 2,000 employees.

In 2018 during Toyota UK’s Summer Shutdown, we were recognized as the Safest Contractor for the 5th consecutive year. In addition, we had 1 RIDDOR Reportable in over 1000 days worked (minor ankle injury).

Brand, What’s Coming Down The Pipeline?

The rebrand includes a top-to-bottom relaunch of the company’s website, logo, graphics, social media platforms, communications and correspondence.

Our ‘Top Gun’ appeal is unchanged. However TEAM Group’s assets include a new simplified white and red inverted logo, along with our official globe.

Whether the original or classic look, the Company is proud to don it’s new site.

Advanced features of the TEAM Group website includes the launch of Mobile-Friendly, in addition to a Translate plugin, Search, News & Events, and more.

Further, our Employee Login is located at the bottom of the website for smarter access.

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