The changing landscape of industrial cleaning services

The industrial cleaning industry isn’t what it used to be.

While COVID cleaning has pushed the industrial cleaning industry to offer more vigorous sanitization and disinfection services, there are many other factors that have also changed – and continue to change –the landscape of industrial cleaning and total facility management services. Factors such sustainability, technology and health and safety have significantly transformed the procedures, structure, and values of today’s industrial cleaning services.

Healthy and Safety

One of the most definitive trends in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry over the last few years has been driven by increased public concern over health and wellness. While in the past, commercial cleaning companies may have gotten away with cleaning for appearance or using harsh chemicals, today’s industrial cleaning companies are increasingly more focused on cleaning to create healthier indoor environments. This emphasis on cleaning for health means that cleaning companies are held to higher standards and must meet the increasing demands of their clients. Using products and cleaning solutions that reduce the need for harsh chemicals not only provides a cleaner, and greener environment for the building and environment but also for the company’s employees who are regularly exposed to these materials during the lifetime of their employment.

In addition to an increased focus on cleaning for healthier indoor environments, there are also more regulatory agencies and standards that now impact the products and processes used by commercial cleaning companies. In order to remain compliant with the rules established by agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and meet certain criteria from other regulatory organizations, cleaning companies have evolved to place a higher focus on technologies, products, and processes that meet these established health and safety standards.

Not only have commercial and industrial cleaning companies adapted to ensure the safety of employees and customers in buildings or industrial facilities, but they have also placed a heavier focus on the safety of their own employees. This means providing any necessary safety gear and offering thorough training on how to properly operate cleaning equipment and navigate dangerous areas. The industry has taken significant measures to prioritize employee health and safety. This includes creating and enforcing policies and training programs to minimize slip and fall accidents, the dangers of working at height, the use of hazardous substances, and working with powerful machinery. Today, health and safety remain at the forefront of the industrial cleaning industry.

The combination of TEAM Group’s BOSS (Business Operating Software System), SiteDocs
and Safety Badge Program, is designed to create a positive and continuous improvement of our corporate operational standards, especially when they relate to safety training and culture. TEAM site managers and supervisors regularly engage in a combination of hands-on and digital training methods, synching to each employee’s unique profile. We ensure employees remain up to date on required training, and that each course and sign-off from a superior is accurate and valid. Additionally, we record real-time GPS locations of each signature, along with dates, photos, and time stamps. These measures put TEAM among the leading-edge manufacturing service providers.

Cleaning to Disinfect

Cleaning in a post-covid world has changed the cleaning industry for good. Cleaning now means completely sanitizing and disinfecting the premises. The days of quickly wiping down a surface to remove dirt and debris are long gone. Industrial cleaning has taken big steps to adjust its deep cleaning protocols to include COVID-19 transmission prevention. This includes cleaning hard surfaces with a CDC approved disinfectant and creating specific disinfection and decontamination protocols for high touch areas, such as doorknobs, railings, and work stations.

Organizations and employers now have a duty to protect their staff, clients, and customers from the spread of viruses and diseases. This increased demand for more thorough cleaning means many clients want assurance and proof that cleaning standards have been met. This means industrial cleaning companies need to be able to provide real-time information to all clients on the status of their services and contracts, placing a heavier focus on technology.

TEAM Group offers professional end to end cleaning services related to industrial cleaning and decontamination. Our Incident / Rapid Response TEAM (I/RRT) continues to learn about the best cleaning services and practices for COVID outbreaks through experience and collaboration with clients. Safeguarding the health of everyone and offering support as we deal with a hazardous or infectious response is what we do, and we take it very seriously. From offices to complete paint booth maintenance, TEAM Group is equipped to offer customized solutions that include COVID-19 cleaning services.


Industrial cleaning companies have been adopting technology and automation like services software / applications and commercial cleaning robots to improve, monitor and track cleaning services, scheduling, quoting, and invoicing, and improve client relationships. TEAM Group and Robinson Solutions’ software platform provides innovative and adaptable solutions to tracking, auditing, and managing worker tasks and equipment. This digital application allows us to customize and optimize every step of our process, including incident reporting, scheduling tasks, tracking pressure and filter changes, tracking restroom audits, jig cleaning and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to vacuumingsweeping or even commercial carpet cleaning, cleaning professionals are now utilizing robotic equipment to get reliable results and be as efficient as possible. Cleaning robots help the industry maintain impeccable results and deliver a clean premises by continuously monitoring air quality and reducing work tasks that lead to accidents and mistakes due to human error. New cleaning technologies such as Tennant’s T16AMR, ICE and Nilfisk’s robotic floor cleaning machines, can save businesses money while minimizing their environmental impact and maintaining the health and safety of their employees. Autonomous cleaning technologies such as the Avidbots Neo™ can also provide a high level of insight and performance measurement so we can monitor, manage and track their performance in real-time. TEAM Group’s is another technological advancement that can be used to guarantee successful solutions. 

At TEAM Group, we utilize in addition to technical manpower, autonomous cleaning robots to access detailed reports of every simple and dangerous cleaning operation, including precise productivity metrics and sector-level coverage maps. Issues experienced while cleaning, such as areas or aisles skipped because of obstacles, are tracked, and noted with artificial intelligence


Sustainability has become a huge topic in the cleaning industry. Today, the industrial cleaning industry must commit to complying with all relevant applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits and agreements. Cleaning services must now consider how to reduce or eliminate air, water, and land environmental risks by investing in practices, initiatives, and technologies to prevent harmful emissions.

TEAM Group’s sustainability objectives center around continuously measuring our impacts, setting targets to minimize those impacts, and enhancing our business model to take the necessary steps in mitigating our impacts on the environment. Over the next few years, we hope to leverage our operations, supply chain and services to improve sustainability in the facility management industry.

At TEAM, we are committed to providing leading environmental services and solutions that ensure the environment and public safety come first. We consistently evaluate our compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, striving for continual improvement.

Commercial Cleaning with TEAM Group

The last few years have changed the cleaning industry forever, establishing a new normal in terms of services and solutions. To remain successful and profitable, industrial cleaning services must recognize these challenges and constantly adapt to provide the best possible services to their clients.

TEAM Group’s commercial cleaning services go beyond the normal operations. We don’t just keep your facility clean; we partner with you to optimize how we can work together to drive your business forward. Every business is different, which is why we customize our industrial cleaning services to integrate seamlessly with your unique operations.

If your facility requires commercial cleaning services, contact TEAM today.