The Most Desirable Traits of a Facilities Technician

If you are looking to hire a facility maintenance company, what are some of the traits you should be looking for in your facilities technician?

Consider these traits when selecting the right technician for your facility maintenance requirements.

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The industrial cleaning services industry has been under continued pressure to perform superior and thorough jobs, especially since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. These standards are not going to lower any time soon and will continue to be of high demand.

The core of a facility maintenance company are its workers, who execute jobs with boots on the ground. Everything about a company can look fine on paper, but what traits are the inherent and important to look for when hiring a facilities technician? These workers are often viewed as working in the background but that does not mean they do not carry immensely important responsibilities and skills that require constant and vigorous training.

The inherent characteristics listed here help compliment and empower entire teams and should be sought after when hiring a facilities technician. Read on to find out about the desirable traits you should seek:


A facilities technician and their responsibilities have become so much more important today especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. There is more pressure to perform, new rules, procedures, schedules – it’s been pure madness to adjust and re-learn how to do things up to the current vigorous cleaning standards. Since the pandemic, a facilities technician’s role in our workplaces has become an integral puzzle piece in preventing the spread of infections. A facilities technician cannot afford to slack and must remain dedicated to performing their tasks thoroughly every time.


A facilities technician can be called in to various industrial facilities or workplaces to complete a job. The facilities where their skills are needed are variable and often require knowledge from many sectors. A multi-talented individual who can think on their toes and adapt is desirable.


So much more that goes into industrial and workplace cleaning than people realize. A basic knowledge of diverse fields such as chemistry (infection prevention, microbiology), cleaning and disinfection procedures, and hazardous waste management are just a few examples of what a facilities technician needs to be aware of every day.

There are so many moving parts with regards to health and safety in the workplace, and these skills are continuously being refreshed. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a larger emphasis on the healthcare sector and the need to prevent community spread – but the ripple-effect of the pandemic now touches every industry and workplace worldwide. There is no doubt that many employees had to complete additional training as to meet the vigorous standards that are now required. It is important that your facilities technician team continues to keep all their skills and knowledge up to date as things change for better or for worse.

TEAM Group puts education at the forefront by offering continued training (even seasoned, long-term employees with years of experience) health and safety summits, safety perception surveys, and more.


Cleaning and disinfecting protocols, equipment and needs are continuously changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an explosion in the development of new processes, many of which have quickly become the ‘new normal’ of how facilities maintenance companies carry out cleaning services. A facilities technician must be flexible and willing to let go of previous ways of doing things. To adapt is to grow, and with many facilities updating their cleaning technologies to keep up with the pandemic, there is no escaping this ‘new normal’.

.Being flexible applies to any industry that requires a facilities technician maintenance team. Equipment is being refined and improved all the time – some examples are more environmentally friendly chemical solutions, UV light technology and surface coatings that prevent hazardous microbes. Learning how to use these new technologies takes time, flexibility, and a certain amount of patience to adjust to a new way of doing things.

How Character Traits and Leadership Come Together

As is possible in any job, a facilities technician may feel disregarded or unrecognized for their hard work. This often stems from management not communicating effectively and not giving (or being open to receiving) feedback from employees. It’s extremely important that a facilities technician embody the right values and believe in the long-term vision of their career and relationship with the company they represent. This can only happen if an employee feels valued and is given the freedom to show leadership within their department or team.

Felt Leadership and How it Empowers Us All

How does a values-led company such as TEAM Group – build trust across managers, clients, and employees? It comes down to felt leadership, which is something we strive to incorporate across the board. TEAM Group has its defined values, goals, and targets – that’s how we’ve grown to support countless industries including: automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries in the development of complete facility cleaning programs.

Felt leadership helps break down barriers between “us” and “them” – and helps a company work together as a unit. This means mangers and employees feel approachable and communication flows. Felt leadership involves everyone and encourages everyone to share and listen, which builds trust and respect. Every company hopes that their staff embodies their values and vision and adjust their actions and behaviors as to benefit the company – because it’s something they genuinely want to do. At TEAM Group, we know that employees need to feel supported and trusted to perform at their best. TEAM Group Felt Leadership in the workplace is something we live by.

The TEAM Group Promise

TEAM Group continues to in provide integrated results-driven and safe solutions to facility services. What’s more, you can rest assured that our staff is experienced and feels valued. You don’t have to worry about inexperienced staff doing a poor job and wasting your time. Our facilities technician team is highly qualified and trained in technical cleaning and management, engineering, fabrication, field services, waste disposal and industrial decontamination and more. TEAM Group will only assign the most highly trained, prepared, and dedicated team to your facility.

TEAM Group – Our Commitment

At TEAM Group, we know that it may be challenging to find a well-rounded industrial cleaning company. Once you highlight your company goals, we will make sure the facilities technician team is equipped to meet them. We are a reputable company that maintains a connected and sustained safety culture, which is critical to safety management systems, and allows us to continuously be recognized as a leader in our field.

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