TEAM Group’s waste management provides low-level radioactive waste management. Collecting, handling, storing and disopsing correctly and in accordance with local regulations.

Low-level radioactive waste is present in a variety of industrial activies and poses little risk to human health. However it still must be managed correctly to avoid continuous buildup of materials and to avoid chronic exposure to the waste. For lots of radioactive waste the federal governments have stepped in when the owner is not accessible to take responsibility over the waste.

TEAM Group works with governments and industry to provide waste management for low-level radioactive waste.


Typically the risk of low-level radioactive waste is little to none. Many past practices that produced this type of waste are now no longer acceptable by today’s government standards.  This waste can take the form of soil, scale or dust that has been contaminated with uranium ore or naturally occurring radioactive materials.

For example Port Hope and Clarington, Ontario have radioactive contaminated waste and is currently being managed under the Port Hope Area Initative.

In the western parts of North America NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) waste is common from oil and gas activities. Similar to waste contaminated with low-level radioactive materials NORM must also be tested, cleaned, transported and disposed of properly.

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In the USA the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission outlines how to manage this waste. Low-level waste typically consists of shoe covers, wiping rags, mops, filters, reactor water residue, equipment, tools, tubs, swabs, needles, and bio tissues.

It’s important that all low-level waste is tested to measure the level of radioactive contamination. It can range from background radiation to very high, depending on the source of contamination. In certain cases such as parts from inside nuclear reactor vessels even hazmat suits or shoes could have high levels of contamination.

The USNRC recommends to store low-level waste on site in licensed storage until enough has been accumulated to be shipped to disposal sites in approved containers. The US Department of Transportation handles the regulation for transporting low-level waste.

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