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Sludge treatment & dewatering

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TEAM Group is known for our industrial cleaning and sludge treatment services. Sludge that is naturally generated by watewater treatment plants, manufacturing, mining, or agricultural facilities should be treated and disposed of properly.

Treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater is a major issue for safety and the environment. Our sludge treatment process is designed to minimize environmental issues and send your waste to licensed disposal. Contact our waste management experts today to learn more.


Sludge should not be treated as just waste and eliminated. Proper treatment of sludge using thickening, dewatering, territorial methanisation, biowaste, or microfiltration can reduce your disposal costs. These types of sludge treatment separate and speed up the settling process. Allowing you to send the solids to disposal and liquids to be recycled.

Estimates between 40-60% of sludge waste can be recovered through proper treatment and even provide large quantities of biogas.


Anaerobic digestion

Aerobic digestion



Alkaline stabilization

Thermal hydrolysis

Nitrogen sludge treatment

Optimized thermal drying

Micro filtration

Wet oxidation

Greenhouse drying

Sludge is composed of both inorganic and organic materials. depending on the source of the waste the chemical composition can vary dramatically. However a significant component in sludge waste is water. This water when treated using the proper method can separate solids, heavy metals and other chemicals from the large water component. Allowing the solids to go for licensed disposal and the water to be re-introduced or taken to less expensive disposal options.

The standards for sludge, solid and liquid disposal and outflow vary based on your industry, geographic location and environmental restrictions. TEAM Group ensures that your facility is following all treatment and disposal requirements for your area.

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TEAM Group’s waste management experts have a long track record handling facility waste. From sludgewater, hazardous, non-haz and everything inbetween our company has the tools and education to treat, process and dispose of your waste.

Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about the treatment methods that would be best suited for your facility. 


At TEAM Group we manage the effluent and wastewater in accordance with the environmental and industry standards. Our sanitation treatment methods are part of a sustainable approach to environmental safety. We’ve worked with thousands of different types of wastewater and treated it in dozens of different ways. We have thousands of employees across the world and we’re all dedicated to creating better solutions. Better solutions for the environment, better solutions for our clients, and better facilities to work at.

As major players in the industrial service industry our TEAM is ready to help you achieve better solutions. Reach out to one of our friendly experts today to get started.



Our approach to achieving successful cleaning programs is to develop a flexible solution that bends to the changing demands of a dynamic production environment. These are just some of the many industries that we work with to treat sludge and waste.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense 
  • Agriculture
  • Municipalities
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Pulp and paper
  • Commercial buildings
  • Fermentation & distillery


Approved for waste removal and hauling, TEAM Group waste management offers process engineering support and gap analysis, challenging the belief that industrial cleaning services are essential non-value-added costs. We are uniquely positioned to take industrial cleaning at your facility to an essential value-added service. Services include:

  • chemical and sludge
  • e-coat pump wells
  • eductors, risers, and nozzles
  • flood sheets, support steel, and elimination chambers
  • manifests