What is facility management?

For management teams and future employees asking what is facility management is a great place to learn more about this huge industry. Facility Management (FM) is the operational and management of facilities to ensure they are functional, efficient, safe and cost effective to operate.

The most important thing to learn about facility management is that it’s a wide topic. There are hundreds of industries, thousands of facility types, and even more functions that are important to each facility. A facility management is the profession that includes multiple disciplines to ensure the operations, functionality, safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of the environment where people, technology, equipment, and processes are integrated.

What are the 4 main aspects of facility management?

Keeping in mind that every facility and industry is different, and requires different management. However most types of facility management requires 4 main aspects of importance.

1. Operations

The vast majority of FM work is ensuring that the facility is running and operational for as long as possible. This starts with ensuring that there’s enough staff on hand, ensuring that the labour support and training is appropriate to the tasks. Operations management will include staff scheduling, security, routine cleaning, waste control, landscaping, snow removal, grass cutting, sign in / sign out, lockout procedures and any other regular aspect of the operation specific to a facility.

2. Efficiency

Tied in closely with operation management is efficiency. Having a clean and regularly maintained equipment is at the core of high efficiency facilities. Routine cleaning and repairs keeps equipment functioning at a high accuracy and efficiency. However our efficiency work goes beyond just cleaning and maintenance. Keeping supply chains in operations and creating redundancies in the chain helps reduce down time in the event that parts of the supply chain fail. This could be from sourcing multiple suppliers, to ensuring that there’s lots of staff on hand to fill gaps.

The goal of efficient facilities is to not just produce at a high rate but to also mitigate any potential future threats, all to minimize down time and keep the facility functioning.

3. Health, Safety & Environment

Health and Safety of the staff, management, visitors, and environment it not just a check box anymore. A proper facility management company will require a robust health and safety plan to be in place. At TEAM Group we strive to meet and exceed the health and safety requirements of the facilities that we work with. On top of that our environmental management has controls to ensure that all of the waste and operations are in accordance with regulatory measures.

3. Cost Control

One of the biggest concerns of managing facilities is the cost control measures. Typically we utilize engineers, lean manufacturing experts, and cleaning experts to keep facilities lean and operating in the most cost effective manner.

Keeping boilers, condensers, hydraulic tools, mobile equipment, and specialized tools clean on a regular basis is one of the best ways to control costs. Clean equipment runs smoothly, uses less power, less resources, and is more accurate. Plus this decreases the amount of downtime in the event of an equipment malfunction, or turnarounds.

Why is FM (Facility Management) more relevant than ever?

The FM industry is growing fast, and the skillsets of companies and employees is becoming more broad to encompass more of the demands that facilities have. As the restrictions on the environment increase, and companies look for more ways to become integral parts of the modern society while doing better for the environment. This creates the opportunity for specialized solutions that are customized to a given industry or company.

Here are a few of the trends that are becoming more ingrained and putting FM at the fore front:

  • Internet applications & innovations
  • Building automation / monitoring
  • Employee engagement & safety
  • Sustainability & environment impact
  • IT infrastructure
  • Non-invasive and safe cleaning technologies

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