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Coatings Removal Services

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TEAM Group is one of the most awarded service providers for automotive manufacturing support. We provide rust and coatings removal services to dozens of industries and hundreds of companies. From automotive parts with paint defects, to rusting parts in storage. 

Whatever parts you need restored our coatings removal TEAM is ready to help. We solve costly problems with total paint booth cleaning and maintenance. That way your parts are restored and ready to be utilized. Contact our removal experts to learn more.


Production paint stripping removes any coatings on your parts to restore them to functioning and quality pieces. This includes paint tools, fixtures, hooks, jigs, racks, and any other production parts you need.

The coatings removal process increases your efficiency be allowing the parts to be reintegrated into your production line. TEAM Group is one of the world’s leading industrial cleaning companies. Our commitment to quality, innovation and safety is what makes us the top choice in manufacturing services.

We share the knowledge and resources you need to remain competitive, productive, and profitable.


Chemical stripping

Thermal stripping

Rust removal

Rust protection

Powder coating burn off

Media blasting & blasting services

Total paint booth management

Paint booth cleaning

We work with each of our partners to test and identify the best coatings removal and cleaning services for you. Every production line and every company is different which is why we provide custom tailored solutions to find the perfect fit.

Our paint booth maintenance services are diversified, including attention to paint line and coating systems performance, and production support. Client facility tools are meticulously cleaned of excess build up by our experienced professionals. Our services include but aren’t limited to:

  • robotic spray and powder booths
  • grates, ceilings, walls, silhouettes
  • structures, flood sheets, elimination chambers
  • deep cleanings and shutdowns
  • skids, jigs, and fixture cleaning

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TEAM Group’s paint system management is the most comprehsive cleaning and total booth management systems. We manage and evaluate the system performance to modify cleaning schedule and provide defect free paint finishing.

We service in the aerospace, automotive, OEM, metal production, and commodity manufacturing. If you’re looking to get the best quality paint job while reducing operating expenses then contact our experts today.


Our TEAM provides total paint booth management. Part of this is our Paint Quality Response (PQR) which focuses on finding the root cause of defects in your coatings. Our coatings removal services do not just restore your parts to production. We also manage the production line to ensure that all parts are defect free.

Some of our automotive paint booth defect services include:

  • quality gate audits
  • foreign material libraries
  • defect reports


Media blasting can be used to give a greater amount of control to stripping rust or removing coatings. We can provide sand, plastic, steel, corn cob, glass, CO2 and more types of media. The choice of media depends greatly on the surface material being cleaned and the type of coatings to be stripped. Contact our industrial cleaning experts to learn about the solutions that would work best for your facility.


Our approach to achieving successful cleaning programs is to develop a flexible solution that bends to the changing demands of a dynamic production environment. We can efficiently wash products in bulk, breaking down oil, dirt, rust on hooks, fixtures, jigs and racks. We even provide advanced cleaning solutions like ultrasonic cleaning for specific circumstances.