TEAM Group will have an unwavering commitment to employee safety. We have the corporate culture, proprietary operating system, and experience required to ensure effective service delivery, and enhance client competitiveness.

As a diversified industrial cleaning services provider, we receive consecutive awards for our safety culture, quality, and delivery to commercial manufacturing markets around the globe. TEAM’s achievements are a direct result of an eagle eye focus, advocating for the voice of the customer each step of the technical cleaning process.

Company assets include our Quality Operating System (QOS) successfully used in all global cleaning contracts. We also offer a license for leasing our unique, in demand paint defect app. TEAM’s continuous improvement program will ensure our operations increase quality, safety, and bottom line results towards predictive maintenance.


Focused on long-term prosperity through innovative OEM & Tier 1 industry growth, TEAM Group will continue to be recognized as a leading, global provider of client diversified industrial cleaning and facility maintenance support services.

We’ve built a reputation within the manufacturing community as an authoritative knowledge in technical cleaning. Our team brings years of process and product expertise to every client that is placed in their care, identifying grey performance areas which provide opportunities to improve your facilities’ performance with measurable, auditable results.

Receive critical response to the evolving needs of your facility, dynamic and changing overtime. if the paint quality at your facility falls into the grey, Total Booth Management provides countermeasures. Discover our state-of-the-art Paint Defect Analysis Program which then validates scope, converting a time-based cleaning to a condition-based regimen.