We know voice of the customer. Achieve a cleaner finish with our Paint Defect Analysis Program. TEAM Group has been inspired to create the visionary software to track your OEM and Tier 1 industrial paint defects. We continue eliminate our client’s toughest quality issues in the paint shop using our proprietary Paint Quality Response (PQR) Wizard App.

Our innovative design is advanced, and will provide clear vision to the plant from hourly to management. The software is formatted to be used on an iPad with Wi-Fi capability. Customers enjoy immediate response from the defect analyst to the plant defect committee as to the top defect losses in the paint shop.

Need detailed data reports? Let our team of professionals provide you with an unbiased evaluation of the paint process. Receive insight into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly product trends in an instant. We can help a forward-thinking company like you identify potential problem zones, improve quality and reduce cost, and save on resources while improving throughput.


Interested in licensing this software for use at your facility? Click Here to enquire.


At TEAM Group, we use Ready Jet® because it’s a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional drum cleaning methods. In our commitment to reduce safety hazards, we have invested in the G3 innovative remote-controlled operation for consistent safe results. Robotic technology greatly reduces the dangers workers face during concrete mixer confined space entry from life threatening hazards such as falling concrete to human exposure of silica dust, a toxic ingredient that can result in silicosis with prolonged exposure.

When Ready Jet is implemented, the precision of water blasting technology delivers the safest option available for effective drum chipping. Minimising the risk of incidents, the cleaning system uses hydraulic action along with water pressure of 20,000 PSI to remove heavy concrete build up, which doesn’t damage the drum.

Our investment has seen immediate results in increased production, eliminating sensitive man-made damage to the drum and the interior, in addition to lowered fleet maintenance costs.


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