At TEAM  –  the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the greater community is always our top priority.

The Company’s response to the present impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is driven by our Business Continuity Plan. We are fully committed and prepared to address the evolving risk posed by these fluid, uncertain times with our mobilized emergency response team, and ongoing support services.

As a Federally-Designated Provider of Essential Services (review Canada guidance) TEAM Group and Robinson Solutions – A Division of the TEAM Group of Companies – have established a specialized industrial cleaning task force. Day and night we respond to urgent and disruptive incidents, such as COVID-19, while safeguarding the health of everyone, and supporting your needed plant re-start.

Our Incident Response TEAM are trained experts in the field of hazardous and infectious response. As we continue to coordinate additional efforts to ensure that our services remain available to you throughout Canada and the United States, we can also help you to develop a customized program for your facility, and crew.

For nearly 40 years, we are proud of the value that OEM & Tier 1 Manufacturers continue to place in our established decon personnel to adapt and securely run your 24/7 mission critical business processes.

Decontamination Preparedness
Decontamination Rapid Response

We only utilize EPA-approved disinfectants and dispose of COVID-19 contaminated materials according to strict regulations.


Our Incident Response TEAM is rigorously trained in – HAZWOPER, Pathogens, and Confined Space Entry – and are now also available to assist your team(s) with Decon-19 Training, with a specific focus on COVID-19 Response awareness, cleaning and disinfection procedures.

In these unprecedented times, we offer our expertise to your organization ASAP to help your business to successfully thrive.

Clean Rooms
Fleet Vehicles
Care Facilities
Commercial Buildings/
Logistic Centers
Government Infrastructure/
Web Health Canada, CDC, American Chemistry Councilil,


With TEAM Group receive the appropriate level of services that you need to meet your hygienic facility production standards.
For more information on our COVID-19, Industrial Decon-19 Services visit: Services > TEAM Brochures > B3 and Download.
We have helped thousands of customers to pivot successfully in the past, throughout shutdowns, and during the current global economic downturn with 100% confidence. Our Company has the skilled response personnel and technically advanced equipment to assess and complete your facility needs with a Step-By-Step Action Plan. We are continuously reviewing and enhancing our processes, procedures, and work instructions based on the WHO and CDC latest recommendations.

It is important that you review the difference between the following industrial cleaning definitions:

It is important that you review the difference between the following industrial cleaning definitions:

  • Disinfection/Low-Level Threat = outcome of reduced sources
  • Decontamination/Mid-High Level Threat = outcome of eliminated sources

*In reference to the viral load and level(s) of contamination.

Disinfection Bottle
waste disposal


Our turnkey support services are cost efficient, and always aligned to the level of the threat, with no additional charge ups.

  • Hydroblasting Services (Up To 40,000 PSI)
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Services (Hydrovac Excavation, Daylighting, Potholing, Trenching, Dewatering)
  • Manhole & Vault Services (Gas, Electrical, and Sanitary Utilities)
  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning (Maintenance, Inspection, and Environmental Services)
  • Special Projects (Hands Free Technologies)

Our Incident Response TEAM is safe, and more cost-efficient than an Emergency Spill Response, Crime Scene or Biohazard team.

Ongoing support services are effective. Reduce downtime with a cost savings program, enhance long-term production goals.

We are continuously improving our service. We are focused on getting you back to full-time production, timely and safely.


As decontamination experts our COVID cleaning services provide a wide range of solutions to our clients. Our industrial COVID-19 cleaning and expertise allows us to provide:

  1. COVID virus remediation – decontaminating surfaces and workplaces
  2. COVID cleaning only – of high contact places in your workplace
  3. Cleaning & disinfection – ensuring your workplace is cleaned to the highest standard
  4. Custom cleaning solutions – whatever your needs are, we can customize a solution that works

The CDC and WHO have established that businesses and employers are responsible to help prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. TEAM Group has been in the industrial & commercial cleaning industry for 30+ years.

Transitioning to commercial COVID cleaning services and disinfecting was a seamless process. We already have industrial decontamination equipment and PPE. Plus our operators have been on hazardous cleanup jobs for decades. Our knowledge and experience from asbestos, to hazardous decontamination has been extremely helpful to our clients looking for COVID-19 cleaning companies.


ATP Post Cleaning Verification
COVID Virus Remediation
COVID Contamination Disposal


The North American Projects Division offers industrial disinfection, decontamination, and deep cleaning services for a wide range of circumstances.

TEAM Group is one of the leading industrial cleaning service providers in North America. We have an an extensive fleet of mobile trucks and water equipment. If your facility is essential and still in operation, or currently unoccupied, the solution for any business is to clean now. Call upon our Incident Response TEAM to develop a plan suited to your facility needs and keep your occupants safe.

With an ongoing special focus on COVID-19 Training, we recognize that there is the possibility that a facility can become reinfected when an infected person enters the facility. Depending upon your needs, we send out crews on an as needed basis such as heightened requests for routine, ongoing cleaning and overall more reassuring service.

Wet/Dry (5,300 CFM)
Vac Trucks
Stainless Steel
Boom Parts
Vac Trucks
Care Facilities
Custom Trucks/
Equipt. Trailers

We have equipped our fleet of vehicles with the capacity for handling up to 1000 gallons with hot water and disinfectant provide a high pressure washing service. All solutions used are listed on the Government of Can­ada website as authorized disinfectants which can be used against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Due to the capacity of our vehicles, TEAM is able dis­infect various sizes of properties and locations. Additional to the hourly rates quoted, regular service agreements can be priced based on quantity and size of area requiring disinfecting and/or decontaminating.


“I was just speaking to senior staff about TEAM COVID-19 Cleaning Services and I wanted to pass on that the cleaners are exceeding expectation. Staff are very impressed with the robust cleaning that is happening on the daily at this location. The cleaners are very approachable, easy going, and have great attitude toward the staff, and clients. Thank you again for your ongoing service.”

– Maintenance Coordinator, Homeless Shelter, Northeast Ontario Municipality.

For more info, email or call our 24/hr COVID-19 Hotline: USA 1-800-301-TEAM, CAN 1-877-535-TEAM.

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