Our COVID-19 Decontamination Company

As a COVID decontamination company, TEAM Group provides a wide range services to our clients battling COVID-19. Our industrial cleaning processes and expertise allows us to provide:

  • 1. COVID virus remediation - decontaminating surfaces and workplaces
  • 2. Cleaning only - of high contact places in your workplace
  • 3. Cleaning & disinfection - ensuring your workplace is cleaned to the highest standard
  • 4. Custom solutions - whatever your needs are, we can customize a solution that works

The CDC and WHO have established that businesses and employers are responsible to help prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. TEAM Group has been in the industrial & commercial cleaning industry for 30+ years.

Transitioning to commercial COVID cleaning and disinfecting was a seamless process. We already have industrial decontamination equipment and PPE. Plus our operators have been on hazardous cleanup jobs for decades. Our knowledge and experience from asbestos, to hazardous decontamination has been extremely helpful to our clients looking for COVID-19 cleaning companies.

Why TEAM Group For COVID Decontamination

TEAM Group has been providing industrial cleaning services for over 30 years. We know from experience that a successful company starts with safety. Safety for our employees, and safety for our clients.

Providing COVID decontamination services is no different. Our primary focus is making sure both your employees and our employees are kept safe.  This comes in the form of proper PPE, employee knowledge, and innovative safety procedures. Rest be assured that our cleaning company will be able to work and innovate with your facility to ensure that everyone is going to work in a safe, clean environment.

covid decontamination company
Covid-19 services Manual Wipe Up
Covid-19 Essential Services Fogging

Virus Remediation & Disposal Cleanup

Virus remediation can be difficult. Especially with COVID-19 where the World Health Organization’s research has found COVID can exist:

  • Airborne as respiratory droplets, Viral RNA
  • On surfaces for days
  • Person to person contact

Social distancing and company procedures have helped reduce person to person contact, and airborne exchange.

However surface decontamination, and airborne virus remediation is still extremely important. TEAM Group has been dealing with hazardous surface decontamination for decades. Working with us will give you peace of mind knowing that your surfaces are deep cleaned and disinfected.

Any hazardous virus cleanup must be disposed of properly. Our experience handling hazardous waste has familiarized ourselves with proper disposal practices. Keeping your and our employees safe.


Together, we can overcome COVID-19.

Talk with TEAM Group management to learn how we can help you decontaminate your facilities.

TEAM Group's Customer Testimonials

“I was just speaking to senior staff about TEAM COVID-19 Cleaning Services and I wanted to pass on that the cleaners are exceeding expectation. Staff are very impressed with the robust cleaning that is happening on the daily at this location. The cleaners are very approachable, easy going, and have great attitude toward the staff, and clients. Thank you again for your ongoing service.”

– Maintenance Coordinator, Homeless Shelter, Northeast Ontario Municipality.

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