Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services go beyond the normal operations. We don’t just keep your facility clean, we partner with you to optimize how we work to drive your business forward.

TEAM Group helps all industries from OEM services and public hospitals to automotive and commercial buildings. Every business is different, which is why we customize our industrial cleaning services to integrate seamlessly with you operations.

The pandemic is a new challenge for many businesses, our commercial cleaning clients keep their facility decontaminated with our COVID cleaning services. Keeping your work environment decontaminated will minimize your employees exposure.

Why Our Commercial Cleaning Services

From OEMs to Tier 1 facilities, all of our partners enjoy the long-term benefits of industrial cleaning and decontamination services. Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to match the needs of your industry. You can count on our emergency support when it’s needed. We’ll improve the core services that keep your business running smoothly.

We provide permanent onsite facility programs and quality, competitively priced in house skid blasting. Hydroblasting is a popular method for many cleaning projects, we can provide this on-site or at our off-site warehouses.

At TEAM Group safety is our top priority, we are ISO certified so you can rest assured that your employees are working with the very best.

Janitorial & Grounds Maintenance


Sewer systems are an important part of a functioning facility. Ensure your septic system is cleaned regularly to avoid costly problems.

Industrial Steam Cleaning


From ultra high pressure cleaning, to industrial tanks, towers, or ovens. We have the steam cleaning services for your industry.

HVAC maintenance


Replacing filters and coolant systems is just the start. TEAM Group provides system optimization to keep your heating and cooling costs low.

Industrial Floor Cleaning


Keep your facility spotless with full time or part time industrial floor cleaning services.

commercial snow removal


As a Canadian company we know the dangers that winter can impose. Our TEAM keeps your property clear of snow and ice to minimize the risks.

HVAC maintenance


TEAM Group can help with your heat exchanger. From regular maintenance checks to decontamination and decommissioning.

Our Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

  • COVID decontamination
  • Hydroblasting services
  • Tank & Vessel cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Management office cleaning
  • Industrial ultrasonic cleaning
  • Blasting services
  • Industrial floor cleaning machines
  • Shotgun cleaning
  • Industrial vacuum cleaning
  • Boiler tube cleaning

Industries We Serve:

  • OEM and tier 1 facilities
  • Hospitals & medical
  • Automotive & parts manufacturing
  • Farm and industrial buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Meat and food processing
  • Aerospace & defence
  • Waste & sanitary systems
  • Plus many more

Industrial Cleaning Services

Complete Facility Cleaning

Whether situated in automotive, parts manufacturing, aerospace & defense, coal, steel manufacturing plants, refineries, TEAM Group provides heavy duty processing to client facilities both small and large.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning

TEAM Group specializes in bottom up, large scale contracts for permanent onsite industrial cleaning programs. Our services extend the life of phosphate and e-coat dip tank, washer, heater, exchanger, and other confined space systems. Services include highly trained and experienced entry of storage tanks, to cleaning of kettles or pots and piping systems. Our hands-on experts service the unique needs of each customer. Examples include sanitation and contamination preventative HACCP plans for food and beverage, such as meat processing and rendering, as well as various farm and industrial equipment, eliminating hazardous residue.

Manhole & Vault Services

Changes in environmental conditions, such as heavy storms, flooding or pollution require necessary maintenance for municipal and private manholes, because these need fast sewage and wastewater service. Our experts provide services to storm and sanitary sewers or drains, as well as utility vaults with pump removal of silt, gravel, mud and other organic and inorganic debris. Some services include:

  • line moleing
  • camera inspection
  • high pressure blasting

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaning Services

Projects Division state-of-the-art mobile industrial vacuuming technology can fit into the most challenging and remote locations. We proudly use Westech™, durable on the road and perfectly suitable for environmental requests. Our services range from wet and dry vacuum, to high CFM, and high volume specialty pumps. Some services include hydro excavation and camera inspection of pipes. We have a wide range of vacuum truck services, including vacuum tankers, carbon, stainless steel and pneumatic, hydro excavators, jet flushers, end dumps, cube trucks, trailers, roll-off units, and more. Trust TEAM to handle the toughest projects without cutting corners. Experience the best in service, safety training, and industry compliance.

Hydroblasting Industrial Cleaning

Our Projects Division and permanent onsite facility cleaning personnel are trained, hands-on, and highly skilled. With proper diligence in health and safety protocol, we offer a selection of low, high, and ultra-high pressure blasting solutions. TEAM Group blasting services range in pressure, from ultra-low 3K, to 10-20K, and 40K UHP, allowing for flexibility in service. Our team of experts ensure utmost quality, and our equipment is regularly maintained with inspection before and after each use. Some services include:

  • hydrocutting
  • coldcutting
  • line cleaning
  • tower and surface cleaning
  • sewer systems

Cleaning & Waste Management

TEAM Group facilitates hydro vac trucks and all necessary equipment and labour to clean and remove waste from your facility. Dewatering, pumping off liquids, holding pit cleaning are all important cleaning projects that we’re ready to take on.

Our facility waste management services include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Waste disposal
  • Sludge collection & filtration
  • Waste manifesting
commercial cleaning services

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