Discover flexible solutions, deployed to a single plant or globally.

3 year term
This plan is suitable for up to 5 users
Software loaded onto iPad
Training manual
8 Hours training onsite
Maintenance and software support
*Additional cost per user [6-10 users] $525.00
*Additional cost per user [11 + users] $450.00
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3 year term
This plan is suitable for up to 5 users
All basic plan features plus
1 Paint shop assessment review
2 Days training onsite
Maintenance and software support
Tools and documentation +
*Same cost per user [6-10, 11+ users]
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A licence agreement is based on a 3 year term. A licence agreement is required per customer. A licence is required for each customer site.
A user is recognised as a single identifiable, individual user. User costs are for registration and support purposes.


TEAM Group partners with you through an “end to end” philosophy:

  • Can be deployed regardless of the make, model, volume, and the product being produced;
  • Is cloud based while integrity is assured through the highest levels of data security and industry standard architecture;
  • Is deployed to the shop floor using an intuitive iPad interface;
  • Makes use of Wi-Fi connectivity and data transmission protocols, ensuring swift engagement of quality engineers. Resulting in the containment and ultimately the elimination of losses in the paint shop;
  • Maximises the effectiveness and efficiency of scarce human resources;
  • Enables the digitalization of data through one time input;
  • Provides ease of access to data for the preparation of trend or pareto charts;
  • Enables the elimination of paper.


Tools and documentation take the complexity out of visualizing data:

  • Access to a paint defect Book of Knowledge;
  • Paint process;
  • Defect fishbone and prevention.
  • The “How to” of testing including:
    i   Craters;
    ii  Fibres;
  • Extensive defect library;
  • Process knowledge documentation.

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