Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: How TEAM Inspires Excellence

At TEAM Group, we achieve success through the diversity, equity, and inclusion we foster and promote at all levels.

An inclusive and diverse workplace is a strong one, made up of unique experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. We experience a breath of fresh air when we connect, and we are made more whole through coming together. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) – What’s the Difference?

Companies around the globe are highlighting their policies and commitments to diversity equity and inclusion in the workplace. This is great, but with all these new buzzwords emerging, let’s make sure we understand the concepts and how they are defined. Let’s explore these important terms and their meanings:

Diversity refers to the make-up or representation of a system. This ‘system’ can refer to a group of people, such as employees. Equity refers to a fair advancement and equal chance for people regardless of what the authentic representation of themselves is. Inclusion refers to the degree of which presence, contributions, and perspectives of different groups of people within a system are valued and integrated within an environment. This means everyone belongs and has a say. This ‘environment’ can refer to a workplace.

These are the major building blocks that create connections between people that can change the world. How? Together, we are stronger, and even the most daunting challenges are faced with courage.

Effective DEI Leaders: Their Key Attributes

How does TEAM Group talk the talk and walk the walk? TEAM Group has expertise on the ground and stands by these core commitments:

Inclusive leaders and leadership: At TEAM, we learn from each other and put safety first. Being inclusive goes hand in hand with being a good leader. It’s about making sure the people around them feel secure, uplifted and inspired in all ways. Good leadership will show an open heart and open mind to those around them.

Courage: DEI leaders need to be courageous to push positive change forward. It also means having the capacity to embrace change and dig your head out of the sand. Courage means implementing change.

Curiosity: At TEAM, we know we are at the top of our game when it comes to facilities management, but that does not mean we are not curious to learn about new topics. Being open-minded and having the willingness to learn from mistakes makes all the difference. Curiosity means being committed to exploring, doing research, and going beyond your comfort zone.

Expansion of resources: The importance of DEI brings along the need for expanding resources.This can mean designing new ways for employees to connect and give feedback. One way to include everyone and hear their voices and perspectives is to use resources in a way that accommodates and helps DEI initiatives flourish.

Why is Diversity and Inclusion Important for Workplaces?

The benefits of diversity and inclusion are tough to scale into statistics, graphs, or even words. At the core, a workplace that demonstrates and celebrates DEI creates an environment where all people feel like they are a valuable piece of the puzzle. This extends to all areas of the workplace, big and small.

This is, of course, easier said than done. A company may have a diverse workforce in a limited capacity, such as only one specific department. When you look at leadership and management roles, is there the same level of diversity, equity and inclusion occurring there?

When you think about the best leadership characteristics, they are often described as those which make us feel secure, uplifted and inspired. Everyone has the ability to bring forward their gifts and inspire others, which is what makes an inclusive environment an even more important playing field. This is where the magic happens: a workplace where ideas are free to flow.

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter

Being open to different perspectives and ideas empowers people. We are social beings that have relied on each other for survival and growth. The same happens here and now, as we strive for innovation and success in our businesses.

There is strength and humility in our differences.

Many define ‘humility’ as not thinking you are better than others. However, ‘humility’ is about recognizing that no one is better or worse: we are all on the same level, and we all have the capacity to contribute our gifts. The strength comes from realizing that we can all bring unique talents towards problem solving. Once we are powered by DEI, these important connections can begin.

How Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benefits Employees and Customers

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is complex and ever-changing. That’s why the companies who strive to understand and implement these concepts are viewed as industry leaders. Both customers and employees are more likely to turn to a company that highlights DEI as an important factor of their business.

DEI also creates a competitive advantage and helps businesses stand out, and stay ahead of the game. With a DEI policy in place, a business can more readily meet the needs of changing demographics and beliefs within their workforce while also adapting more easily to what customers value.

A DEI study from the USA shows that organizations that were in the top quarter for gender and racial/ethnic diversity outperformed competitors by 21% and 33%, respectively.

Research demonstrations that organizations benefit from increased profitability when diversity increases. Higher investor confidence decreased employee turnover and increased revenue are other benefits.

What Should a DEI Strategy Include?

At TEAM Group, we are helping to build a brighter future within our own organization by revamping our diversity and inclusion policies. As a global company, TEAM Group realizes that our work reaches into various parts of the world and into many cultures.

Welcoming this and being open to talent and culture around the world is important to us.

TEAM will also strive to continuously improve and react to employee and client feedback about DEI. Whether it’s conducting new research, literature review, or posting more blogs on the subject, we want to strengthen our DEI efforts wherever possible.

How TEAM Group Promotes DEI

TEAM Group is striving to promote diversity, equity and inclusion by updating our Diversity Policies. Our TEAM employees are at the core of everything we do. This is why TEAM Group is committed to improvement within our company culture with regards to diversity equity and inclusion.

Team is aiming to have a higher level of female and black professional hires in the industrial workplace, more youth hires, LGBTQ+, and veteran hires at all levels. We also strive to invest in supporting those from underserved or underrepresented communities.

Since February is Black History Month in Canada, TEAM Group would like to acknowledge the diverse cultures of Black Canadians. Addressing the challenges that these communities continue to navigate should be a focus of organizations and workplaces every day.

TEAM Group embraces employees’ differences in age, colour, disability, ethnic background, family or marital status, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, race, religion, veteran status and all other unique characteristics that embody our team.

TEAM Group strives to invest in the continued maintenance of a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Without our human connections we are nothing. This is why our employees are our most valuable asset. To celebrate our employees and allow true expression is the greatest achievement of all.

Read TEAM Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement here.


Check out TEAM Group’s Careers and Recruiting Website here.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies and Programs

TEAM Group is working towards many DEI policies that will elevate culture and improve compliance.

NEW Whistleblower Policy: A policy TEAM Group has in place for employees to report an activity that one considers as illegal, dishonest, or hurtful. Human resources will swiftly respond and initiate investigations and corrective actions. A whistleblower policy allows for employees and employers to report harmful actions or activities against diversity and inclusion. Whistleblower identity remains anonymous.

UPDATED Diversity Policy: As mentioned above, TEAM Group is striving to improve its diversity policies in real time. This means hiring/promoting more females and black professionals into the industrial workplace at all levels and especially higher-ranking positions Similarly hiring more youth, LGBTQ+, and veterans at all levels and providing support programs as well.

NEW DEI Training Course and Certification for all Salaried Employees: Diversity, equity and inclusion does not only apply to managers, supervisors or those in human resources. TEAM Group is committed to providing training and certification to all employees on the subject, in order to maintain an all-encompassing awareness at all levels.

NEW Sexual Harassment Training for all Team Members: TEAM Group is committed to providing sexual harassment training to all employees. We want all employees to feel safe at all times.

Other Programs that Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: TEAM Booths at customer facilities to celebrate events (such as Black History Month) while also educating and providing support for mental health and continued education (Linkedin Learning, Bell Let’s Talk etc.).

There is no denying the value of safety in the workplace, especially in an industrial setting. In such a dynamic environment, the spotlight is often on physical safety training as related to machinery and equipment.

TEAM Group refuses to fall short on policies and training that protect employees in all aspects. The importance of DEI in the manufacturing industry is even more heightened. As such, health and wellbeing need to be a priority as well.

What it Means to be a Part of TEAM

AT TEAM, we strive for our employees to feel supported and trusted to perform at their best. No matter how they face the world, TEAM Group wants employees to do so proudly.

We continue to provide the best total facility management and cleaning services to our clients because of the strength of our team. TEAM Group values safety, inclusivity and respect as our top priority.