After decades of facility management experience TEAM Group has listened to our customers and provide a variety of flexible elevator maintenance.

Our elevator repair and maintenance is designed to meet your specific needs. From large heavy duty shafts, to passenger elevators in commercial buildings.

Contact TEAM Group Inc. to inquire about our elevator maintenance solutions.


Every industry has a variety of different services and needs. We tailor our maintenance services to work with your facility no matter how big or small.

Our trained and certified technicians provide repair and breakdown emergency services, performance improvements, and inspection services.

Contact TEAM Group Inc. to inquire about your facility and learn how we can help you run smoothly with minimal downtime.

Industries We Work In

  • OEMs
  • Government buildings
  • Automotive & parts manufacturing
  • Hospitals & medical buildings
  • Commercial buildings & high rises
  • Industrial facilities
  • Waste & sanitary
  • Municipal
  • Meat & food processing
  • Plus many more
Lifts & Elevator Services

  • Commercial buildings
  • Loading bay elevator shafts
  • Grain elevators
  • Industrial elevators
  • Automotive lifts
  • Elevator inspection


TEAM Group has been working with companies from all sorts of industries to help manage your facilities. With decades of experience and trained technicians we have the tools to repair and maintain any lift of elevator at your facility.

We work with both industrial landlords and tenants to integrate seamlessly to keep your building accessible, clean and functioning properly.

Licensed Elevator Technicians

TEAM Group employs and trains licensed electricians and elevator technicians. Our TEAM has worked with a large variety of facilities and lifts which makes our work smooth and efficient.

Elevator Safety Culture

“My safety begins with TEAM” is more than just a rubber stamp. It’s our guarantee that we will not complete any projects unless we can adhere to hands on training, and safety compliance standards.

We operate a Safety Badge Program which promotes a positive and continuous improvement of our safety culture. Committed to excellence we are not just ISO certified, but have many certifications in many of the industries that we serve.