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Outsourcing facility cleaning services is a step in the right direction – if you do it right! When you partner with a long time reputable and reliable company like TEAM Group, you get more than just a day-to-day clean work facility – you get 24/7 peace of mind and accuracy of cleaning results with science, so you can get back to running your business.


If you’re repeatedly thinking about outsourcing facility cleaning services/integrated facilities management (IFM) then it’s time to start asking some important questions before signing a contract. It’s always a game of balance when hiring a support services company or supplier on for support. Overtime the presence of a professional facility cleaning services company within your business workplan will off-set the upfront costs and elevate manufacturing product. How? Guaranteed employee safety and a job done right aren’t things you can replicate or create out of thin air – it takes time to build a culture of safety backed by expertise. Our methods are based on evolving science  and technology that both dictates and demands innovation to survive. We know we’re good at what we do, but we also realize that growth in the facility management sector is ever-changing. TEAM Group always strives to look to the latest and greatest methods that will best serve our clients.


There are many benefits towards outsourcing facility cleaning services such as IFM. This is a strategy that combines different aspects of your organization – production, office space, delivery/warehouse services, deep cleaning and equipment maintenance – or whatever you focus on more – and puts it under a single provider. It helps streamline the different processes going on in your facility. Instead of dealing with separate contracts for many different aspects, you have one specialized company such as TEAM Group, handling all your integrated facility services for you. You can choose to amalgamate just a few solutions you need, or several. Its’ really up to your needs.


The Cost: The saying, ‘it’s not all about money’ reigns true here. When it comes to facility cleaning services and IFM, you know deep down when a regular janitorial service will just not do the trick. You know your facility best, so don’t give it anything less than the best.

When you start negotiating with a company and their focus seems to be entirely on cutting corners with cost, then it may be time to look around. It goes hand in hand – if you are focused on only saving money then that will prevent the technicians from doing their job as intended and keeping your facility clean and safe. Make sure you are ready to commit to all that the facility management company has to offer, especially if they are leaders in their industry, such as TEAM Group who work with the strictest cleanroom and paint shop requirements of leading defense and security clients – who can’t afford a mistake.

Experience: Do your research and ask questions. A reputable company will be able to back up their answers with complex facility examples across industries and explain the processes and technology they use and why it’s the best. TEAM Group is a highly experienced industrial cleaning, facility maintenance, shutdown and turnaround services company that is here for you.

TEAM has an impressive reputation and has partnered with major Fortune 500 OEM and Tier corporations within the automotive, aerospace, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries to develop complete facility cleaning programs as needed for each of these clients. They are professionals and are the best choice for outsourcing facility cleaning services – hands down.

TEAM specializes in cleanroom controlled environments, offering diversified industrial cleaning and support services to large-scale production environments worldwide. The focus is on setting up your company for its best performance and throughput yet. Let’s keep your facility functioning well into the future. TEAM Group will be alongside you to help with every step of your production.  

Highly Trained Technicians and Staff: You can fully trust the competence and technical experience of our team to deliver innovative facility cleaning programs and safe, efficient services. TEAM Group employs industrial cleaning experts in over 65 operating locations, with around 2,250 employees worldwide. It’s a support network you want to be a part of.

You won’t have to deal with any ‘fluff’ or worry about staffing shortages. Outsourcing facility cleaning services means the challenges of hiring and staffing are carefully done by us, for you. The last thing we want is for your facility to underperform or miss a scheduled maintenance due to the absence of workers.

Once on site, TEAM Group’s technicians will get right to it. They are trained in many areas of expertise (such as chemicals, water treatment and multi-level disinfectant and spill cleanup applications) and will take any guess work out of your hands. Technicians will consider the material that the surfaces are made of, the type of environment they’re in, what sort of interactions they undergo and most importantly, what germ prevention products are most optimal for each. We told you no guess work!

Tough on Germ Prevention: Making sure surfaces are free of germs and bacteria is important for the long-term health, safety and security of your employees. If the company you are outsourcing does not take this seriously, your reputation and continued success may be at risk.

Contaminated surfaces are everywhere, no matter where your workplace is situated. Businesses cannot ignore this fact, especially given what the world experienced with the recent pandemic. Bacteria and germ prevention is now an even more crucial aspect of facility cleaning services, and is something you want the highest standard in now more than ever.

As with any service we offer, TEAM Group will do infection prevention the right way – with the highest standards and products to tackle pathogens. If you want to level-up your germ prevention strategy, leave the cleaning schedule to TEAM.

Spot on with Safety: TEAM Group continues to be a leader in safety internationally. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff are the way they are because of our commitment to safety with internal and external third party systems to self-check and increase performance. The focus is on an incident free workplace where everyone takes their own and other’s safety seriously. TEAM evaluates progress using comprehensive safety reports and encourages pride in a safety culture. A safe work environment for all is what we strive for no matter where the job takes us.

Compliance: TEAM Group is compliant to OSHA, OS&H, and other regulatory standards. Being involved in so many different industries all over the globe means keeping up with the most recent rules and regulations regarding facility cleaning services. As mentioned before, having TEAM Group on your side takes the guess work out of ensuring compliance for the task at hand – our technicians know the processes and requirements to ensure everything is in working order while they are present in your facility.

Foresight: TEAM Group is a leader in facility cleaning services and IFM. Why? We have a commitment to our clients that goes beyond the initial visit or service. We want to be alongside you, learning about what your needs are so we can continue to be the very best. We have foresight in maintaining your facility. If things are going to change, TEAM Group will change along with it. We will adjust and be ready for any challenge.


TEAM Group has experience in industries all over the world: from OEMs to Tier facilities. Many clients can report first-hand on the benefits they’ve experience with us in terms of inventory management, waste management, germ prevention, labor support and site cleaning that is included in TEAM Groups IFM and facility cleaning services. TEAM provides total facility maintenance and technical cleaning. Partner with us and you won’t be disappointed about your choice to outsource your facility cleaning services.