Janitorial Facility Cleaning: How to Enhance Restroom Cleanliness
There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a heightened case for top-notch restroom facility cleaning services. The high expectation and demand for safe public spaces will not lessen any time soon. A clean restroom will continue to be important for worker and customer satisfaction.

Amid constant adjustments to public health regulations, what is expected for restroom facility cleaning services to be considered top-quality? Let’s explore this here.

While we are still navigating the challenges of COVID-19 and what this means as employees and customers begin to share common spaces once again, we must also navigate how this affects facility cleanliness and cleaning services. One shared area that will continue to set high expectations is the restroom. While it is a given that restroom cleaning needs to be frequent and thorough, the task often includes many risks, is costly, and requires professionals to achieve a truly deep clean.


Why is it time to make your restroom cleanliness a priority?

Pandemic aside, it’s always been hard to keep these high-traffic areas spotless. Since cleaning crews work according to specific schedules, they can’t always keep up with where and when a thorough clean is needed urgently and unexpectedly.

Did you know…

Almost 80% of people have reported telling someone about a
displeasing experience they had at a restroom.

About 30% of us admit to using extra toilet paper on the seat, or to open
doors, because we feel they are unclean.

People are generally not trustworthy of shared restrooms! It’s safe to say that the pandemic has likely exaggerated these feelings even more. Developing trust by showing your customers or employees that you care about restroom hygiene is important now more than ever. How can you begin to meet these steep demands and what cleaning practices should you apply to meet the highest standards of safety?


Commit to Cleanliness and Provide Proof

The professional cleaning industry has been put in the spotlight and the limelight isn’t going to fade away during re-opening phases, nor in the post-covid world. Continued demand for facility cleaning services is obvious, but today’s customer or employee also wants proof that services were completed. This can be as simple as sharing with staff the commitments made towards more regular facility cleaning, such as switching from weekly to daily cleaning schedules. Visible changes are also proof that hygiene is being taken seriously. Take time to explain what has been added, changed, or removed – and why. Installation of touchless towel, sanitizer and soap dispensers in a restroom are all obvious changes that reduce the risk of germ transmission. Another way to commit to cleanliness is by always having items stocked. Everyone is a little less tolerant these days when the soap runs out, especially in a shared space.


Surface Cleaning isn’t Enough

One common industrial cleaning myth is that surface cleaning is good enough. Many large facilities and industrial cleaning companies have placed a heavy emphasis on manual wipe up without realizing that this method can leave a lot to be desired in terms of effectively meeting essential disinfection and decontamination.

 In addition to manually wiping commonly touched surface areas, spraying, rinsing and vacuuming also help with bacteria and debris removal.  It’s all about equipping your team with the right tools and knowledge to enhance restroom cleaning procedures.

We know our stuff! Check out TEAM Group’s Worst Cleaning Myths Surrounding COVID-19 to get the scoop.

Partner with a Professional Industrial Cleaning Service

Changing up the frequency of cleaning and installation of new hardware are visual cues that confirm a commitment to better hygiene. But how does your restroom cleaning protocol stand up to the nitty gritty? Even if you have a protocol in place, you may not have the resources in place to execute your updated protocols. If you’re lacking the personnel, equipment or knowledge to enhance your restroom cleaning protocols, you should consider partnering with a professional industrial cleaning service such as TEAM Group.

At TEAM Group, we know how tough the pandemic has been and how easily a business can be set back by a potential outbreak. Don’t wait another day. If you’ve struggled to keep up with implementing policies, procedures, and tools to keep spaces consistently and satisfactorily clean, then contact TEAM Group.

Don’t know where to start? We would be happy to suggest ways of implementing the topics mentioned in this article to your workspace. Our team of professionals can work with you to modify and enhance your existing procedures and can provide advice in terms of waste disposal and deep cleaning (preventative and emergency) needs – all with a fair and competitive price. If your restroom facility requires a more professional and thorough cleaning, look no further than TEAM Group.


TEAM Group Service – Measure and Track Restroom Cleanliness

One of TEAM Group’s specialties includes commercial cleaning services which extend to restroom facilities. As a longstanding company, we are highly committed to improving our technology and always strive to be innovators in the industry. We want to go beyond scheduled cleaning services and provide you with ways to measure and track progress. TEAM Group uses the industry’s latest technology when faced with a potential outbreak. With digital tools come digital data that will provide useful insights in the long-term. Using integrated tools and platforms, we can better identify cleaning needs and potential outbreaks more quickly and efficiently. We will be able to communicate results, and any updates, directly to your on-site team.

When you partner with TEAM Group, our experts will adjust your existing procedures so that we can ensure issues are taken care of in the safest and most cost-effective way. We will be there to help with onsite and local waste (including COVID-19 medical waste), deep cleaning, and post-cleaning verification.


TEAM Group Service – Clean Smarter and Deeper

Once you define your company goals and have found a cleaning company equipped to meet them – what’s next? These decisions will translate to real on-the-ground improvements to your restroom facility maintenance. Restrooms are high-traffic areas that can easily transmit viruses and bacteria. In many cases, it is the use of inadequate tools or insufficient resources that leads to contaminated areas. When you partner with TEAM Group, we’ll work alongside your team to pin-point areas in need of improvement and create steps that make sense for you, your employees and your facility.

Ready to set up a tailored end-to-end industrial cleaning service for your restroom? Look no further than TEAM Group.

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