TEAM Group Blasting

TEAM Group excavation has the solution for all of your blasting projects. We provide cost-effective services for all of our projects, from media blasting to sand blasting and coatings removals. TEAM Group is ready to help complete your next project.

Our company has decades of experience and every employee is thoroughly trained. Our projects are completed in a cost-effective and safe manner. Plus we work with you to integrate with your company policies and safety standards. Safety is our top priority for all of our blasting projects.

Blasting Services

Blasting Services



Utilizing sand is a common media for many blasting projects. Learn about our sand blasting here.



Hydro blasting services including ultra high pressure (UHP) blasting.



Our experts are ready to help with all of your projects.



Some projects require media to generate minimal dust. Our experts can help with dustless solutions.



Let our experts help you navigate dry ice blasting services. Learn more about this specialized service here.



Checkout all of the services our projects division provides.

Media Blasting

Media blasting is an industrial cleaning process that uses pressurized air to spray pieces of abrasive material out of a nozzle. The force of the pressurized media blasting can strip paint, rust, scale or other blemishes from pieces.

Media blasting has a variety of industrial applications from corrosion restoration to paint stripping. With accurate pressure control it is possible to strip softer surfaces like wood or plastic without damaging the original material.

The abrasive material may be simple, like water. Using water as the media is called hydro-blasting. However many other abrasive materials may be used such as sand, or glass beads.

Many types of media blasting may use water or pressurized air. The choice of media depends on the project, desired results, and environmental constraints. Talk to one of our media blasting experts to learn about the solutions for your next project.

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting is a moderately abrasive type of media blasting. This process removes surface deposits by applying micro sized glass beads without damaging the surface.

This is commonly used in removing calcium deposits, fungus or grout. It is also common among automotive OEMs for removing paint. This creates a uniform surface finish on machined parts, which is critical for automative manufacturing.

Glass bead blasting is also used for some mineral deposits, or where the underlaying surface needs to be preserved.

glass bead blasting

Safety Culture With TEAM Group

TEAM Group has successfully integrated with dozens of industries and hundreds of companies. We work with you and your site to ensure that our projects operate smoothly and safe for all stakeholders.

Our Safety Bade Program promotes positive and continuous improvement of our safety culture. Each employee at TEAM Group has a waterproof badge with a QR code. These badges connect to each employee’s training profile.

This campaign to safety has set an international standard in the industrial cleaning sector. Profiles keep employees up-to-date on their required training. In compliance with health, safety, and environmental requirements technicians must keep their badge on themselves while on duty.

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