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Vacuum Truck Services (Hydrovac)

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TEAM Group’s dry and wet vacuum truck services allow your job to complete in a safe and efficient manner. While also properly disposing of any non-hazardous waste or slurries created by the project.

Our vacuum truck (hydro vac) operators have years of experience and are all qualified to remove liquids, sludges, and other dense materials. Putting safety at the forefront of our work, we provide our operators with hands on experience. Our clients know that we not only get the job done, but do so in a responsible manner.

Our fleet has every type of vacuum truck that you need. From vacuum tankers, to supersuckers, even jet flushers, cube trucks or ultra high pressure wet and dry hydro vacuum trucks. We’ve got all the tools for any project.


Vacuum Truck Industries:

  • Power generation
  • Sewer & sanitary services
  • Municipalities & governments
  • Automotive
  • Pulp & paper
  • Food & beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear

Hydrovac Services:

  • Ditching & trenching
  • Remote vac operating – for tight or confined spaces
  • Spill & contamination cleanup
  • Hydro excavation
  • Coal ash & dust cleanup
  • Pipeline & tank inspection
  • Tank cleanouts
  • Utility line exposure
  • Sanitary sewer blockage removal
  • Hydro cutting

And the lists go on. We have serviced hundreds of different industries, and seen thousands of unique projects. Whatever industry you’re in, and whatever problem you’re having, our experienced team is ready to help you out. Some of our main vacuum truck service areas are Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and Ottawa / Kingston. Use the links above to find location specific information.


At TEAM Group we’ve been providing hydrovac services all over North America and Europe for decades. From this lengthy experience our operators have worked on all sorts of job sites, in almost every industry out there.

TEAM Group’s project division uses state-of-the-art mobile industrial vacuuming technology and can fit into the most challenging and remote locations. We proudly use Westech™, durable on the road and suitable for environmental requests. Our services range from wet and dry vacuum, to high CFM, and high volume specialty pumps. Some services include hydro excavation and camera inspection of pipes.

We have a wide range of available units, including vacuum tankers, carbon, stainless steel and pneumatic, hydro excavators, jet flushers, end dumps, cube trucks, trailers, roll-off units, and more.

More importantly, TEAM Group put safety at the forefront of our company’s vacuum truck work. Which is why our customers have trusted TEAM Group for decades to provide the best in service, safety training, and industry compliance.


Hydro Vac Truck Features:

  • 18 cubic yard capacity
  • From low pressure to ultra high pressure wands
  • Hot and cold jetting
  • Static ground cable
  • Temperature gauges for safety monitoring
  • Thorough equipment inspection

Benefits of Vac Trucks:

  • Decrease in safety incidents
  • High powered airflow can pickup any solids
  • Large cyclone for better airflow and suction
  • Quick and efficient vacuum – means less onsite  time


On top of providing our operators with on site training and individual certifications. TEAM Group is proud to be compliant to OSHA, OS&H, and ISO certified.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our safety standards. Depending on the job additional safety certifications might be required. Such as company specific onsite protocols for contractors, or providing WHIMIS and First Aid training.

If there are any confined space projects, we do have robotic vacuum services that can enter these places without using people. However if this is not an option we are trained in confined space entry.

Contact us if you have any questions about safety standards that your project may required.


When would you use a vacuum truck?

Vacuum trucks have a variety of applications from industrial cleaning to municipal sewer and septic maintenance. Whenever solids or liquids need to be removed in hydro excavation or drilling jobs or industrial settings.

How far can a vac truck reach?

A vac truck can reach up to 25 feet with a stiff boom, however it does depend on the site and obstacles that may be in place.

How much does it cost to rent a hydrovac truck?

We do not recommend renting a hydrovac truck. It’s important to have operators that are trained and experienced operating hydrovacs. Contact us to get a trained professional out to your site.