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TEAM and Robinson Solutions Touchpoint Disinfecting Validation Boards

TEAM Group and Robinson Solutions, a Division of the TEAM Group of Companies, is an industry leading industrial cleaning and facility maintenance services provider.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our technical cleaning services ranging from sanitization and disinfection, to decontamination and cleanup are deployed to many world class facilities.

Our customers continue in the midst or break of production with the same need to feel comfortable, knowing that their employees and assets are being protected, and are safe.

A practice that we are using for touchpoint disinfecting is to ensure that all areas being cleaned, as well as the times the areas are being cleaned are made visible to everyone.

We have accomplished this through the use of Disinfecting Touchpoint Validation Boards.

These boards have been very well received by all of our customers, from OEM & Tier 1 corporations down the to local mom and pop businesses.

This best practise has helped to create a more secure and healthy work environment for all.