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At TEAM Group, sustainability is at the heart of our legacy of service. We believe that genuine success is achieved through harmonizing our operations with the environment, our clients’ needs, and the well-being of our communities. Delve into how our commitment to sustainability shapes our approach to facility services, distinguishing us as support services leaders in the industry for a more sustainable world.

Inspired by the Arctic’s enduring spirit and the resilience of the Gwich’in people, TEAM Group stands committed to innovation and sustainability.

As we embark on our sustainability journey, we are proud to present our inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for the year 2023. This report captures our commitment to operational excellence, innovative solutions, and responsible growth, all fortified by the principles of sustainability.

Access the QR Sustainability Page, available at all TEAM sites, for transparent insights into our sustainability commitment. Elevate your facility experience with our facility services, industrial and energy management expertise, and waste and water initiatives into 2030.


Join us to #ElevateYourTEAM and redefine excellence together.

Sustainability Highlights:

Discover the certifications and awards that recognize TEAM’s commitment to environmental excellence.

  • TEAM establishes ‘TEAM Green’ Corporate Sustainability Committee
  • TEAM releases 2023 Sustainability Report
  • TEAM establishes BOSS Sustainability showcasing success stories
  • TEAM launches Sustainability Training Course
  • GM recognizes TEAM Group Site with 1.5M Gallons/MO (18MO Gallons/Y) steam trap facility water survey and replacement sustainability initiative
  • TEAM achieves ‘Committed’ in EcoVadis Sustainability Rating (March 2024)
  • TEAM receives ISO 14001 certification
  • TEAM commits to an investment in Corporate EV Fleet and Charging Stations
  • TEAM donates 1,000 trees to Team Trees
  • TEAM Green Committee enlist to plant trees at 10,000 Trees Planting Event at Bruce’s Mills Conservation Park, ON in April 2024

Embark alongside us on our sustainability journey firsthand, from strategic initiatives to impactful actions within our own operations, and customers factories. Keep an eye on our social media channels for regular updates as we strive for excellence in sustainability.



Inspiration from the Arctic

In the Arctic, every element of nature is purposeful and interconnected, a lesson that resonates deeply with TEAM Group’s approach to sustainability. Inspired by the wisdom of the Gwich’in people, who honour the reciprocity between humanity and nature, we are driven to foster harmony and balance in all our endeavours. Our sustainability journey is not merely a corporate initiative but a profound acknowledgment of our responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants.

The Five Pillars of TEAM Sustainability

Now that you’ve glimpsed our commitment to sustainability, dive deeper into the five guiding principles that shape our journey. Our sustainability pillars embody dedication to: TEAM’s shared ‘Spirit of Sustainability’, Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Economic Viability, and Holistic IFM Services, fully reflecting our teamwork values. Explore how these pillars form the foundation of our integrated facilities management services as a company committed to operating in a manner that works to protect people, production and the planet across our platforms and services.

  1. ‘TEAM Spirit’: Collaboration and Innovation – Emulating the collaborative warmth of a penguin huddle, we foster partnerships that create innovative, sustainable solutions, setting new benchmarks in the industry. We believe in combining the strengths and insights of our team to develop groundbreaking solutions that elevate industry standards and foster a sustainable future.
  2. Environmental Stewardship – Like the Arctic fox adeptly navigating its changing habitat, we are dedicated to protecting and nurturing our planet with adaptable and forward-thinking environmental strategies. Our commitment to preserving the planet is reflected in our actions that minimize our ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices.
  3. Social Responsibility – Drawing inspiration from the communal nature of caribou herds, we emphasize societal well-being and engagement, fostering resilient communities in our rapidly evolving world. Our initiatives and efforts go beyond our immediate operations, impacting communities and societies, fostering a culture of care, empathy, and resilience.
  4. Economic Viability – Mirroring the seal’s efficient foraging, we balance economic growth with sustainable practices, ensuring long-term value and resilience. Our strategies are designed to ensure long-term economic viability, blending financial stability with a commitment to ecological and social responsibilities.
  5. Innovation for Tomorrow – Inspired by the owl’s keen insight and ability to anticipate, we are at the forefront of technological innovation, preparing for future challenges and shaping industry trends.

Employee Well-being: Nurturing a Resilient Team

In the Arctic, survival depends on the resilience and well-being of every member of the community. Similarly, at TEAM Group, we prioritize the health, safety, and personal growth of our employees. Our Sustainability Report showcases our investments in creating workplaces that foster a culture of care, empathy, and continuous learning. By nurturing a resilient team, we ensure that our sustainability efforts are built on a foundation of human well-being and empowerment.


Adaptability and Futureproofing: Embracing Change for a Sustainable Future

The Arctic landscape is constantly evolving, requiring its inhabitants to adapt and innovate to thrive. Likewise, at TEAM Group, we embrace adaptability and futureproofing as essential pillars of sustainability. Our Sustainability Report highlights our proactive approach to staying ahead of industry trends, investing in technologies, and strategies that position our services for a sustainable future. By anticipating and embracing change, we ensure that our sustainability efforts remain relevant and impactful in the face of evolving environmental and social challenges.


Aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals

As part of our commitment to sustainability, TEAM Group aligns with five key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals serve as our guiding compass, directing our efforts towards gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption and production, and climate action. By prioritizing these SDGs, we aim to make a tangible and lasting impact on the world around us.


A Call to Action

As we reflect on our sustainability journey inspired by the Arctic and the Gwich’in people, we are reminded of the profound interconnectedness of life on Earth. At TEAM Group, sustainability is not just a goal to be achieved; it is a guiding principle that informs every decision and action we take. Through collaborative innovation, resource efficiency, employee well-being, adaptability, and community impact, we are charting a course for sustainable futures, inspired by the timeless wisdom and resilience of the Arctic wilderness.

By embracing the wisdom of the Arctic and the spirit of reciprocity, we are charting a course towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Let us navigate this journey together, knowing that our collective efforts will shape a brighter tomorrow.

Elevate Your Facility with TEAM’s Sustainability Services

 Ready to propel your sustainability journey forward with a true leader in the field? Reach out to TEAM today, and let’s build a future where sustainability is the engine driving your facility’s advancement.

Our Integrated Facility Management Services cover every aspect of your factory’s lifecycle, from technical industrial cleaning to onsite maintenance and management solutions. With a focus on operational efficiency and environmental responsibility, we’re dedicated to excellence in all we do. Whether your goals are net zero emissions or zero waste, we offer expert consulting and cutting-edge facility hygiene, technical, and energy management solutions to help you achieve them.

Together, let’s shape a future where your commitment to sustainability fuels innovation, technology, and excellence, fueled by our unwavering TEAM values.

Embark on Your Sustainability Journey With TEAM.