Facility maintenance costs account for a large portion of your spending each year. TEAM Group Inc. has been working with companies to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently all year round.

Our commercial snow removal services provide cost effective snow clearing for your entire facility. From sidewalks to air port run ways our TEAM partners with you to deliver the best snow cleaning services possible.

Contact TEAM Group Inc. to start your facility assessment and get a quote. We provide on-site and on-demand snow removal services to industries all across the world.


Slips and falls is one of the most common workplace incidents. Proper snow removal will ensure that your facility is kept safe for employees and visitors alike.

TEAM Group integrates with your facility to keep your grounds clear of snow and ice. Our snow clearing and salting of your sidewalks, driveways and entrances will allow you to stay focused on your job, without worrying about accessibility.

Every commercial facility is different, if you have any questions about specific services then please get in touch and our experts will help you.

Industries We Work In

  • OEMs
  • Government buildings
  • Automotive & parts manufacturing
  • Hospitals & medical buildings
  • Commercial buildings & high rises
  • Industrial facilities
  • Waste & sanitary
  • Municipal
  • Meat & food processing
  • Plus many more
Commercial Snow Removal Services:

  • Driveways
  • Stairs & entrances
  • Salting
  • Heated removal
  • Airport landing strips
  • Walkways
  • Plus any other places you need clean


As industrial cleaning specialists TEAM Group our experts are here to help with your facility maintenance needs. We’ve worked in the commercial cleaning industry for 30+ years gaining the trust of our partners. Whether you lease your space or own it, it’s your responsibility to maintain the facility in good operating order, and that’s why we are here to help.

We work with both industrial landlords and tenants to integrate seamlessly to keep your building accessible and clean.

Licensed Commercial Snow Removal

TEAM Group employs and trains licensed snow removal operators so no matter how big your facility is we have the right equipment and operators.

We not only provide full snow removal services but also maintain the snow removal equipment. Ensuring there is minimal break downs and repairs required, keeping your facility cleared and reliable.

Our Safety Culture

“My safety begins with TEAM” is more than just a rubber stamp. It’s our guarantee that we will not complete any projects unless we can adhere to hands on training, and safety compliance standards.

We operate a Safety Badge Program which promotes a positive and continuous improvement of our safety culture. Committed to excellence we are not just ISO certified, but have many certifications in many of the industries that we serve.