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Integrated Facility Management Consulting – or IFM Consulting – sounds like a dream come true, and in terms of facility maintenance and efficiency, it is!

This model sets you up for success as it eliminates unneeded waste in terms of product and cost, all while making your facility run smoother in the long run. Want to learn more? Read on to find out the latest on this consulting method that improves the life cycle of your workplace environment.

What is Integrated Facility Management Consulting and Why Is It Important?

What makes Integrated Facility Management Consulting so worthwhile for so many wide-ranging businesses? At TEAM Group, we’re already leaders in the creation and implementation of integrated facilities management strategies. It’s a large part of what we do. We consult and work alongside you to provide the most innovative ideas and solutions to make your facility run better. This may include product defect quality services, software analysis and recommendations on any aspect of concern in your facility. We are here to help.

TEAM’s technicians are well versed in integrated facility management consulting, which investigates aspects of your facility such as production, process, equipment, staffing, and other aspects to identify where your workplace can slim up. This means identifying processes that can be streamlined and in turn work better. The result is less waste in terms of time, training, equipment and instead a higher quality product or service delivered with efficiency. Is your business in need of integrated facility management consulting? Read on to find out.

Will I Benefit from an IFM Consulting Service?

When you think of your facility, what aspect are you striving to improve? Partnering with an integrated facility management company like TEAM Group can result in many benefits especially if you are looking to improve in the following:

  1. Operating Expenses: A substantial portion of your management goes towards operations. Productivity, space (for offices, personnel, equipment etc.), labor, and procurement are aspects where management can be tweaked and improved. Financial savings will follow suit if you slim up operating expenses with an IFM model.
  2. Best Practices: An outsourced IFM is the best way to make up for the lack of resources, time or skills in your company. Instead, let TEAM handle the technical training, staff requirements and best practices. We’ll make sure everything is up to current standards.
  3. Safer and Cleaner Workplaces: Implementing TEAM in your workplace will result in a deeper clean. Take the guesswork out of cleaning. TEAM technicians are trained in technical cleaning and have continued to provide robust solutions and options for our clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  4. Technical Expertise: TEAM knows our way around guidelines, regulations, cleaning systems, latest technology and other challenges that are now a reality and a necessity due to the ongoing pandemic. If you are looking to integrate new technologies such as UV disinfection robots, or other cleaning robots and tools then TEAM can make that a reality. As part of our integrated facility management consulting services, we will look at the areas of your operation that could benefit from upgrades in terms of technology. TEAM will provide technical expertise that is relevant and up to date.

How Do I Get Started with IFM Consulting?

If you are a facility manager or owner, you can begin by evaluating which processes could be improved. You can then choose to outsource a facilities management service for all your needs, or a just a select few. This applies to all businesses, as there are always aspects of any organization that can benefit from this.

Just as with any service, there are different levels of detail, as well as technologies that can be involved. It all depends on where you want to focus. For example, hard and soft maintenance services will each require different levels of up-keep and planning. If you want to focus on hard services – structural needs of the facility such as plumbing, mechanical and electrical – you will likely need to evaluate your business in terms of long-term goals. A focus on soft maintenance – seen as the ‘extra’ building blocks of the facility such as janitorial services, winter maintenance, decorating – can perhaps be less structured and change at the discretion of management.

To get started with integrated facility management consulting, determine the scale and nature of your needs and also do some research into what aspects you could streamline. Partner with a leader like TEAM Group and we’ll get started with devising an IFM consultation plan that will work best for you.

IFM Consulting Best Practices

Think of integrated facility management consulting as an ongoing relationship. It’s not just a one time, set-it-and-forget-it situation. IFM is far-reaching and encourages constant redevelopment and growth from both sides. TEAM Group will consult our clients based on the contract they propose, and we’ll focus on meeting and surpassing those goals. How do we achieve this? In terms of integrated facility management consulting, there are several best practices we focus on that help us give you the most out of our services.

  • Adaptive Management: Focus on predictive analytics, so you get ahead of maintenance issues before they strike. Whether it’s spill response, heat stress or any other emergency plan – get in on the right applications that help you show up for the unexpected with clear protocols and adaptive measures.
  • Effective Team Management: This starts with examples of good leadership in all departments. Consulting can help with improving collaboration and communication in your business.
  • Decisions Based on Real-Time Data: Using real-time data is worthwhile and avoids making assumptions about timelines concerning maintenance schedules, budgeting and more. Using real-time data helps make better decisions in your facility.
  • Proper Analytics and Statistical Analyses: Gathering data is great, but learning from trends is better. Helping track progress, goals is what it’s all about. Presenting results (graphs, charts etc.) helps highlight achievements as well. Analytics should be description, diagnostic and prescriptive to have the best results.
  • Invest in the Newest Tech: Integrated facility management consulting includes the realm of investing in the newest tech. As technology advances, so should you. Partner with us and get in on the latest tech trends. This includes making mobile access more feasible and workable for everyday tasks.

The Key to IFM Consulting is Outsourcing

Outsourcing a full service IFM removes any doubts about streamlining operations and production. Scared of trying something new? Outsourcing breaks that barrier as the collaboration allows for novel ideas about technology and strategies to come to light. It’s a win-win.

Even if you choose to outsource a team that focuses on production machinery while keeping your other services in-house, it still takes a tremendous load off. Once you take time to see what your facility really needs to work on in terms of streamlining, the magic can begin to happen. You will soon begin to witness first-hand the benefits and gains that come from adopting an outsourced IFM.

Outsourcing partially or completely to an integrated facilities maintenance provider such as TEAM Group brings the technical expertise you need. Having our technicians work alongside you in-house allows the flow of ideas and influences innovation. It’s the fresh viewpoint your facility deserves and needs to proper. Let TEAM join you on this journey.   

The Benefits of Outsourcing IFM – What You’ll Notice First

Once certain aspects of your facilities’ production and maintenance become aligned, you’ll see many benefits from integrated facility management consulting including:

  • Reduced cost-spending and better budget-management
  • Regular maintenance – no more missed appointments!
  • More awareness about how and where company can grow
  • Increased partnership and knowledge sharing
  • An effortless flow of ideas for new technology and innovation
  • Multi-skilled teams exchanging information and providing ideas for improvements
  • More efficient service delivery and increased output
  • Better monitored equipment and systems
  • A systematic and procedure-oriented process that delivers every time
  • Cost advantage to customers
  • Transparency and accountability between technicians (both in-house and outsourced)

More on the Benefits of Outsourcing IFM: Technology-enabled IFM Solutions

TEAM Group offers IFM consulting services, critical environment as well as life cycle solutions for your facility. There is no doubt that technology-enabled solutions are at the forefront of IFM. Examples of technology enabled IFM solutions include tablet and mobile applications for control room dashboard engineered solutions.

We value growth, and TEAM knows how important it is to have a digital edge these days. With technology advancing so quickly, it’s important to stay on top of the technology that can help us deliver the best services to our customers. One example is using safety management software such as SiteDocs to manage day-to-day paperwork while also gathering data on safety, certification, project progress and so much more. This information can be valuable for evaluating how processes are performing in your facility and can identify other blind spots that can be improved in your facility.

Every facility manager wants greater measurable information about their operations. Having performance data and insights are a huge return on investment. This knowledge will only help you grow. Partnering with TEAM Group means you’ll have an expert on your side. We can work to measure, score and track aspects of your facility that will improve your performance.

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TEAM Group offers a free site visit or specialized multi day/week visit where our Quality Group performs site audits and recommendations for production safety, quality, delivery, cost, employee morale, and more! What do you have to lose? Get in touch with us today.