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In a time defined by the urgent need for environmental stewardship and responsible business practices, sustainability has emerged as the guiding principle that shapes our vision of a better future.

Sustainable organizations are not just forward-thinkers; they are the change-makers. At TEAM Group, sustainability is not a buzzword but a way of life. It’s deeply ingrained in our company values and serves as the cornerstone of our operations. We understand that sustainability is not only about doing business responsibly but also about ensuring long-term success and resilience for ourselves, our clients, and the planet we call home.

TEAM’s Foundation of Sustainability: Product, People, Planet

At TEAM, we firmly believe that sustainability is the blueprint for success. We’ve made it our mission to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, from our environmental stewardship to our economic strategies. Our commitment revolves around three core pillars: Product, People, and Planet.

Product: We value our customers’ voices and offer solutions that maintain the highest ethical standards while aligning with our vision for a sustainable future. We’re not just selling services; we’re serving a commitment to a better world.

People: We recognize that our most valuable asset is our team. We invest in employee training and development, fostering a culture of responsibility and care. By doing so, we ensure that safety remains our main priority.

Planet: We continuously work to minimize our environmental impact, striving for a net-zero future. Sustainability is not just a goal; it’s an action plan that drives us to reduce emissions, manage resources efficiently, and make ethical choices in our supply chain.

Safety First

Before delving into our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, it’s crucial to highlight our unwavering commitment to safety. TEAM has implemented robust safety protocols, employee training programs, and stringent health, safety, and environmental requirements. We believe that a safe workplace is the foundation for all sustainable practices. This is especially important as we continue to navigate new hygiene and cleanliness standards in a post COVID world.

Our commitment to safety rests on four key tenets:

  1. Awareness: We train our employees to be experts in safety measures, fostering a culture of responsibility and care.
  2. Transparency: We maintain honest and non-punitive communication about safety goals and performance, ensuring that employees feel supported and secure.
  3. Ownership: Safety is a shared responsibility, and every employee is held accountable for their actions.
  4. TEAMwork: We emphasize safe practices among all our stakeholders, creating a resilient and successful organization built on mutual support.

Driving Sustainability through ESG

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond safety. We’ve identified five key focus areas that guide our ESG efforts:

  1. Expanding Environmental and Green Consulting: We offer turnkey solutions, management, design, and outreach to empower businesses focused on creating a sustainable future.
  2. Best Practices Training & Auditing: We make ESG training mandatory for all employees, conduct waste audits, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  3. Innovation and Technology: We invest in new programs, platforms, and technologies to drive climate innovation and growth.
  4. Improving Waste and Water Stewardship: We ensure responsible governance and sharing of waste and water resources, aiming to exceed global standards.
  5. Enhancing Social Value – Diversity, Health & Well-Being: We develop a strong corporate culture, invest in employee training, promote effective communication, and maintain high standards of quality control, with a focus on diversity goals.

Communications, Conservation Methods and Technologies That Allow TEAM to Embrace Sustainability

Sustainability Message Board

TEAM believes in visibility on our road to sustainability. On our sustainability journey it is vital to communicate to our employees our Sustainability Commitment. We are working hard on releasing our first Sustainability Report in the near future. All site message boards will start to hold an important space for TEAM Sustainability, from new policies and procedures, to safety message, training, annual reports, and more. We want to encourage all sites to be engaged and participate as well in updating their boards with their local team members

The below is example of action items:

  • ESG policies and training
  • New sustainability-oriented toolbox talks
  • Sustainability scorecards including site-site ‘Zero Waste Hunts’ or TEAM Audits
  • Sustainability Awards
  • DEI events and resources

Production Material Product, Processes and Procedures Auditing

TEAM is always looking at ways of being more environmentally friendly, and responsible. We will continue to work alongside our clients to ensure that everyday we review operations alongside our customers and various suppliers to optimize best practices to each factory we serve. For example, by actively promoting the 4R’s: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Repairing.

Sustainability is good for business. Alongside our systematic facility audits, integrating a Sustainability Audit is good for reducing overall environmental footprint. We share these findings with the customer and then work to develop a plan which compliments their Sustainability Journey.

Three main categories for observance:

  • Energy consumption
  • Water
  • Waste

TEAM is also passionate about the following as well:

  • Fleet and Fuel
  • Charitable Giving
  • Education
  • Employing Excellence

Education is empowerment. We believe it is critical to provide tailored sustainable solutions that deliver peace of mind to the customer.

Industrial Cleaning Technologies:

Advancements in technology have enabled industrial cleaning companies like TEAM to become more sustainable across the board. By utilizing various technologies, we can optimize our efficiency, reduce the amount of harmful chemicals being used, automate cleaning processes, manage the amount of energy being used, conserve water, reduce waste and so much more.

Engineered Water

TEAM Group utilizes a variety of cleaning technologies such as VertiDrive, a company that specializes in magnetic robot crawlers as well Tennant robotic floor cleaning machines. Tennant’s ec-H2O NanoClean®* technology transforms water into a unique, detergent-free solution through that not only cleans effectively but also provides cost savings and reduces environmental harm in comparison to traditional daily floor cleaning chemicals. It achieves this by producing countless tiny nanobubbles within the water, enhancing the cleaning performance of the solution.

Orbital Floor Scrubbers

Orbital floor scrubbing offers a versatile range of functions such as cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, and even stripping various types of flooring, including wood, concrete, and vinyl. It delivers exceptional results and can be used either dry or with water, eliminating the need for harsh and environmentally harmful chemicals. Additionally, it eliminates the use of stripping chemicals, reducing the risk of releasing potentially toxic substances into the environment. When operated with water, these scrubbers generate half the waste compared to traditional mopping methods.

Bipolar Ionization Technologies

Optimizing the air quality within a facility comes down to maintaining the health of HVAC, energy, and controls systems. It is the most effective way for building owners and facility managers to safeguard against viruses, allergens, and other pollutants. To enhance indoor air quality, the initial step in implementing a self-healing strategy involves integrating bipolar ionization technology into the existing HVAC system. By dispersing ions throughout the entire HVAC system, this technology enables buildings to naturally maintain their air quality. Bipolar ionization is widely acknowledged as the most cost-effective and easily deployable solution for enhancing indoor air quality.

Automated Shotgun Systems

Automated Excavator Shotguns are a cutting-edge solution for water blasting and surface preparation. This system includes a climate-controlled cabin with controls for both positioning and water blasting. This mobile system merges a rotary shotgun arm with an excavator base, making it highly maneuverable and offering a safer and more efficient option compared to manual shotgun cleaning. The automated controls enable operators to work for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

Touchless Facility Solutions

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the general consensus is that minimizing contact with surfaces is ideal. Over recent years, significant progress has been made in this regard, encompassing a wide range of elements such as touchless hand soap and sanitizer dispensers, automatic flushing toilets, as well as touchless doors, lighting, and elevator buttons. This trend is expected to persist, leading to the creation of healthier environments for both cleaning staff and those occupying buildings.

    Be The Change

    Sustainability is not a choice; it’s a responsibility and a path to a better future. By integrating sustainability and advanced technologies into every facet of our operations, TEAM strives to be leaders in sustainable excellence and environmental stewardship. By adopting advancements in technology, TEAM is able to adopt more sustainable practices across our full range of services. These technologies help reduce resource consumption, energy usage, and environmental impact while enhancing overall cleaning performance.