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This Earth Day and beyond, let’s explore sustainability through the lens of industrial cleaning services such as integrated facilities management and lean manufacturing consulting.

These services can help you achieve many energy and waste reduction goals without trying too hard. Let’s explore how.

Let’s Go Lean & Green Together

Industrial cleaning services within an integrated facilities management plan keep your facility functioning. Let TEAM Group be your long-term partner in the improvement process towards sustainability. If you’ve been curious how your facility can become more environmentally conscious, then look no further. Services offered by TEAM always respect the environmental laws in place wherever your business occurs. You can feel good about going green with us. Before we dive into the specifics of services we offer, let’s explore the source of our inspiration: Earth Day. Industrial cleaning services within an integrated facilities management plan keep your facility functioning. TEAM will work with you on an individual basis and help you reach your sustainability goals.

What is Earth Day / History, Importance & Evolution

Since its first inception on April 22nd, 1970, Earth Day has continued to gain momentum and remains an important marker of the modern environmental movement. Every day should be Earth Day, but this special day reminds us of the significance that each of our actions has towards the responsibility of taking care of our Earth.

Each year since, Earth Day has continued to inspire people with its core message of environmental awareness as well as a theme. For Earth Day 2023 the theme called upon people to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). This call is to businesses, governments, and citizens to create an accountable partnership for the planet. TEAM is in, are you?

Industries Before Earth Day and Environmental Awareness

It is difficult to imagine a world without the environmental laws of today, but this was more of a reality prior to 1970. Taking the US for an example, this was a time when the country had no Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and even lacked an environmental protection agency.

Earth Day went global in 1990, when 141 countries were involved in countless events around the world, all of which championed issues related to the environment. Today, Earth Day is by far the biggest globally observed day that puts the spotlight on urgent issues facing the environment. Today, Earth Day continues to challenge human behavior on both local and global scales.

How did industries and manufacturing function prior to environmental health and safety regulations? We all know that facilities today are subject to environmental standards and regulations, which can be very specific depending on the industry. The manufacturing sector that works with OEMs & Tier 1 and 2 have witnessed a progression towards improving best practices. This evolution is geared towards attaining environmental sustainability goals.

Prior to environmental laws, exposure to hazardous chemicals and working conditions was common, along with a lack of improper or insufficient PPE. The disposal and use of chemicals was also not as stringently monitored. Knowledge regarding long term effects of chemical use on the environment and individual health are only coming to light now, due to lack of data monitoring. Globally, as more research occurred on air and water pollution, standards began to become established within industries. For the first time, ecological goals began to be related to public health outcomes. The rights of every individual should include the right to a safe environment, and this included the workplace.

Going Green and Moving Forward at TEAM

There is no turning back from the awareness we all have regarding the impacts our choices have on the environment. Today’s Earth Day is just a marker in the calendar for what is an on-going issue we all face. By tapping into the theme of Earth Day at large, it is possible to understand how the movement can build strong and united communities that drive impact and change. 

At TEAM, we believe that sustainability is certainly not just a workplace idea but a lifestyle change that is part of every community. Facilities and manufacturing companies play a role in environmental awareness as much as other players.

TEAM wants to be on the good side of this change. This means empowering our employees and clients to think through an environmentally friendly lens and adapt our integrated facilities management plans to reflect a positive change for the planet. Let’s see how and what TEAM is focusing on so we can deliver the best industrial cleaning services to you with sustainability in mind.


Sustainability Through Innovation and Technology

As mentioned earlier, there was a time in history when environmental laws simply did not exist. Thankfully, today’s businesses cannot use, release, or dispose of toxic chemicals in a way that isn’t conscious of the environment. Penalties are in place today that make acts like this illegal in many countries. Although as a globe we still have a long way to go in terms of meeting many environmental goals, it is good progress to see legal and regulatory mechanisms in place that protect the environment.

Environmental laws are in place for all industries including those needing industrial cleaning services. Coupled with this, there has been a huge surge in the marketplace for green technology for a variety of industries such as offices, facilities management, hospitals, schools and many more. There simply is no company operating today that does not factor in environmental regulations into its business model.

It is important to take steps towards environmental sustainability in businesses because this is what people care about and want to see. TEAM feels strongly about this and wants to deliver the best industrial cleaning services to you, with our greenest touch. One way we strive to do this is by getting familiar with the newest technology and implementing it with our clients. We also offer ‘streamlining’ services for better production, such as lean manufacturing consulting.

Industrial Cleaning Services that Champion Efficiency

At TEAM, going green means striving for efficiency. In other terms, it means going lean. Just hearing the word ‘lean’ makes you think of something that is streamlined and no-nonsense. What we are referring to specifically is lean manufacturing consulting. If you want to clean up the way your facility runs, make sure this approach is part of your integrated facilities management plan. TEAM can’t wait to get started with you.

When a system is inefficient, things run in a chaotic, haphazard sort of way. This is not sustainable and probably results in lots of waste in terms of time, effort, materials and so on. Integrated facilities management is an ingenious strategy that combines many aspects of your organization – production, office space, delivery services, cleaning and disinfection – whatever the process may be – and puts it under the management of a single provider.

Imagine having your toughest and dirtiest jobs managed by a company that always puts safety first and abides by environmental laws. That would be the relationship you would have with TEAM. If you want to go a step further, consider lean manufacturing consulting. Let’s see how we can make this happen for you.

Going Green Means Going Lean

How does integrated facilities management go hand in hand with lean manufacturing consulting? Also, how are the two related to providing environmentally conscious industrial cleaning services? If you have these questions, thankfully you are in the right spot. Let’s explore the answers here.

Integrated facilities management helps you run your business efficiently, whereas lets you really get into the smaller details. Here, you begin shedding unwanted processes and other aspects that slow your facility down.

Where You Can Go Lean, And Why It’s Worth It

How does going ‘Lean’ help you go ‘Green’? It’s rather simple and comes together without much effort. That’s because industrial cleaning services managed under lean consulting help with key areas such as:

  • Speeding up process cycle time
  • Speeding up service and/or product delivery time
  • Reducing or eliminating the source of defects or extra waste generation
  • Giving companies and their employees the space to consider subsequent key improvements (such as new technology, or a new way to approach a problem) instead of feeling stuck with inefficient processes forever.

Ideas for Green Integrated Facility Services

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s brainstorm some ideas for green industrial cleaning services that you can implement at your facility to be more environmentally conscious. You can work alongside TEAM Group to integrate certain ideas such as the ones below, or let your imagination take off. Take a moment this Earth Day to consider these green services:

  • If possible, green-certified cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, hand soaps, and hand sanitizers. We know this is not always possible in every facility, but we can work with you to source the ‘greenest’ choice of chemical for the job at hand.
  • Renting or buying devices that produce cleaning chemicals on-site.
  • Using industrial cleaning robots for a high quality clean wherever it’s needed
  • Using up-cycled and recycled products.
  • Fix or replace any pieces of machinery that are causing inefficiencies such as leaks.
  • Consider doing things differently if they could lead to a more efficient process.

Making small changes at a time makes a big impact in the long term – in the workplace and at home. More than just a work commitment, the commitment to environmental awareness is a lifestyle change that encompasses everything.

How TEAM Is Committing to Going Green

Inside and outside the facility, TEAM strives for sustainability as a lifestyle. We believe in shaping a greener workforce that is empowered to think outside the box. In our world, benign sustainably translates to better facilities and in turn a cleaner environment and healthier community. Our holistic approach to creating sustainability through green industrial cleaning services is unmatched.

Why You Need TEAM’s Industrial Cleaning Services and Facility Management

TEAM Group proudly works with industries from OEM services to automotive, aerospace and many commercial buildings and provides environmentally sound industrial cleaning services to these and many more. Anything that is specialized and tailored has the capacity to work efficiently. This means less waste and more efficiency. Learn about TEAM’s diversified industrial services here.

From disinfection strategies using UV robots, to lean manufacturing and integrated facilities management, TEAM has got your covered. Being at the forefront of sustainability innovations is exciting and helps us manage facilities at the highest standard.

Environmental awareness is important, and TEAM understands the need to adopt new technologies and act as a champion in terms of implementing the best technology if it means giving you the best integrated facility services possible.